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eWrestlingNews.com is about putting wrestling news in the hands of readers. With our new platform, you can now be a contributor and voice your thoughts to the wrestling world.

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The first step to contributing is to sign up using your Facebook account. If you don't have a Faceeok account yet, you can get one for free. Make sure you enter a valid email when signing up.

Once you've signed up, simply click on "Write Post" to start contributing. Currently, the following content types are supported:

  • Article/News
    Use this tool to submit an article, news, or blog post.
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    Create a list of videos, images, and/or text.
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    Submit a video using this tool. Make your own video and upload it via YouTube. Or upload recaps, events, interviews, and any other wrestling-related videos.
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    Create an image gallery. Upload photos shoots, Memes, paparazzi shots. Been to a live event? Upload them here and get it seen by thousands of people!

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If you are posting for the first time, your article will appear only on your own profile. Once reviewed (usually within a couple of hours), your post may be promoted to the community or front page.

Not all articles are promoted! If your article isn't promoted, don't be disappointed. Write again and resubmit and we'll take a look. We promise to read every article that has been submitted.

Earn Badges

Earn a variety of badges by writing high quality posts that are promoted to the homepage. Badges give you special abilities, from being able to automatically have your posts promoted to the homepage to special titles, keep writing to level up.

Badge Name Requirement Abilities
Contributor Have at least 5 posts promoted to the homepage -
Power Contributor Have at least 20 posts or more promoted to the homepage over 6 months -
Super Contributor Have at least 50 posts or more promoted to the homepage over 6 months All of your posts automatically get promoted to the homepage