10 Acts That Need The “Reset” Button Badly


WWE doesn’t realize they have one of the best pure workers from the women’s division right now just meandering through the scenes. Turn her heel, put her in a feud with Charlotte or Asuka and you can have something. But having he continually lose in every big match situation and then having her feel sorry for herself every time afterward is doing nothing for her career. What she needs to start doing is living up to the moniker of being a Lass-Kicker and start being the dynamic superstar we all know her to be.

1. The Revival

How The Revival has been booked on the main roster has me scared for my life as to how The Undisputed Era will be booked once he gets the inevitable call-up, because WWE has really been piss poor in booking some NXT talents, particularly heels, when they start working RAW and Smackdown. The Revival was the first ever 2-time NXT Tag Team Champions in NXT, and they were loved by the fans for their old-school style of wrestling, their cohesiveness as a unit, and their ability to win by being dominant heels. Now, on the main roster, they are basically dead meat for Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley to feast on. It’s really sickening. I understand that in a 3-hour show, allowing time for every superstar on the RAW roster to get a chance to sell themselves each week isn’t easy and it’s a tall task. But just get this. Do you realize that The Revival has been on the main roster since the RAW after WrestleMania 33? When they came out to interrupt Reigns and Lashley this past Monday on RAW, I swore I forgot they were there and still thought they were in NXT. That’s because they’ve done absolutely nothing except lose, lose and lose some more.

My preference would have been to make them the team to defeat the Hardy Boyz and become RAW Tag Team Champions upon their main roster call-up last spring, but they have disappointed ever since. Can you imagine if WWE recognized what a talented unit they are and started to become the team we all know them to be? You remember that legendary 2 out of 3 falls match they had with DIY at NXT: Toronto? Or some of their matches with American Alpha? I can hardly believe that they are essentially a jobber tag team right now, and that has to change immediately. I guess you could say The Revival could use a revival and fast.

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