10 Hottest Wrestling Free Agents In 2022


Since Triple H took over the creative team, WWE fans have had their heads in a spin over the returns of superstars like Johnny Gargano, Dexter Lumis, Dakota Kai, IYO Sky, Karrion Kross, Scarlett Bordeaux, and Hit Row. Not only that, but several from the NXT UK brand are moving on over to NXT 2.0 after the news of its closure.

It got me considering other free agents who’d generate buzz if they were to land on a major platform like WWE’s main roster or AEW Dynamite. Who would you like to see? Let us know in the comments.

#10. Xia Brookside

At 19 years old, the daughter of UK wrestling legend Robbie Brookside became one of WWE’s youngest signings. She spent much of her 4-year WWE career as a babyface, although she gradually turned heel last year after losing a title match to Meiko Satomura. For those who aren’t regular viewers of the UK brand, Xia was improving all the time and is arguably the biggest shocker of the recent releases.

She has made so many friends in the business and will certainly be an asset to any company that signs her. To have this much experience at her age is a rarity. The last time the UK produced a girl this young & talented, we got Paige. Ok, I’m not saying she’s the next Paige, but there are some parallels. Some will say “Xia who??”, but my eye for talent (not bragging… but I have a decent track record) tells me she’ll go far if given the chance.

#9. Bandido

I was unsure where to place Bandido, but man, this guy is an enigma. He’s probably in my top 3 luchadores in the world (behind the Lucha Brothers) because every match he has is exhilarating. He’s a former ROH & PWG World Champion, and I can’t understand how AEW or WWE haven’t signed him yet. Bandido made a name for himself as part of the main event of All In, which was the first super show produced by Cody Rhodes & The Young Bucks before AEW was born.

He has recently wrestled for GCW, at the Ric Flair’s Last Match event, and for Impact Wrestling. Bandido is a journeyman. He goes where he’s needed. It is perhaps because nobody has offered him a substantial contract that he continues to travel the globe working for lesser promotions to build his profile. In my eyes, Bandido is already a star. He merely needs someone to recognize his greatness.


#8. Tyler Breeze

The Tyler Breeze we got on WWE’s main roster was nothing like the character who got over in the original black & gold NXT brand. With Triple H in creative control, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Tyler, the original selfie man (screw you Theory!), return to WWE to take back his gimmick.

Not only that, but Tyler is very well-liked backstage, has a knack for teaching, and can help creatively. So, a Tyler Breeze return wouldn’t only be a win on-screen, but off-screen too. Sometimes what you do behind the scenes can have a bigger impact on your legacy.

#7. W. Morrissey

The man formerly known as Big Cass has survived a tough road. Near the end of his recent run with Impact Wrestling, Morrissey admitted on TV that he had depression, anxiety, and alcohol addiction when he was with WWE and was rightly fired. He has since gotten over this and is in a better place.

The last we saw of him, he debuted with AEW and lost a match to Wardlow. He hasn’t wrestled since May and his status is unknown. Here’s to hoping that he’s continuing to enjoy life and will return gloriously, and preferably without his former SAWFT tag team partner (who he didn’t like anyway). There’s an unbelievable amount of potential in the big man that I know would be best served with Triple H, the man who believed in Big Cass before anyone else.


#6. Tegan Nox

With Clash At The Castle around the corner, it would be the perfect time to bring the Welsh superstar back to WWE. She has a kind babyface quality which we never got to see on the main roster because they released her before her debut last year. WWE needs to flesh out its women’s divisions and Nox can provide that.

The only question mark is she has a history of tearing her ACL, but we can’t know if she’ll do away with that trend if she doesn’t get the chance. WWE could bring back former stars like Nia Jax or Lana, but if they want a committed young wrestler with a ton of upside, Tegan Nox has more of that than any other female free agent who has yet to become a women’s champion.

#5. Johnny [Insert Name]

When John Morrison was released last year, it surprised many fans because “Johnny Drip Drip” had gotten his new character over. A few months ago, he debuted for AEW as Johnny Elite, won his first match, and then lost an open challenge to Miro. He did not officially sign with AEW, but the door remains open. With his wife Taya Valkyrie returning to Impact Wrestling, there was some speculation that the former Impact World Champion could make his return there.

It was confirmed last month that Johnny [Insert Name] is dealing with an injury and could not make it for his bookings with GCW. He did, however, wrestle some matches for Progress and AAA in June. Nobody knows where he will land next, but when he does, expect him to adapt and make the most of it.


#4. Braun Strowman

While some wouldn’t care about this, I know many fans would love to see Braun Strowman return to WWE. As a former Universal Champion, he would add another element to the main event scene, or at least be whatever Triple H needs him to be. We saw how Strowman can portray the monster heel, and the babyface who plays well with kids, so he’s flexible. Many fans were in disbelief when he was released, although the writing was on the wall. Vince McMahon had struggled to figure out what to do with him for a while, and the feud with Shane McMahon left much to be desired.

Strowman hadn’t made enough progress for McMahon, but it’s not like he had much to work with. If you remember, Strowman was at his best when he feuded with Roman Reigns. They complimented each other well, and he could do the same again. Strowman is a talent you need to be careful with, otherwise, he can’t do anything for you. I believe Triple H would do a better job with Strowman, but I seriously doubt AEW would know how to use him.

#3. James Storm

The former World Champion is one of the last TNA originals to not get a fair shot in WWE. James Storm worked two matches in NXT in 2015 before returning to Impact. He was overlooked when AEW opened its doors, and he instead worked for the NWA. In recent years, he has gone between the NWA and Impact with little focus.

For whatever reason, ‘The Cowboy’ has never had a deal with a promotion sporting a major TV deal (unless you include TNA on Spike TV), and it almost feels like a waste. Storm is an exceptional talent, and yeah… he’s 45 and isn’t getting any better, but he’s a reliable worker and could still make a name for himself with fans who never had the pleasure of seeing him. Impact fans would mark out if he were to reunite with Robert Roode and bring the Beer Money Inc tag team to WWE. And that’s something… where is Roode these days?


#2. Mickie James

She has had a rocky relationship with WWE for years. Initially, Mickie James burst onto the scene as Trish Stratus’ #1 fan and got a massive title victory over her at WrestleMania 26. Mickie won titles after that but rarely did WWE push her as a major star. Regardless, the fans took to her and many followed her career in TNA. She has won titles everywhere and her passion for women’s wrestling is unparalleled. This was clear when she produced NWA Empowerrr, an all-women’s PPV event. WWE wanted her for the Royal Rumble this year, so they agreed with Impact that the Knockouts Champion would work it. She became the only wrestler to bring an Impact Championship to the ring on a WWE show.

WWE is trying to make new stars in its women’s divisions, and who better to put them over than Mickie James? She recently said in an interview that she doesn’t know what’s next for her because she has done everything. I reckon she wouldn’t turn down an offer to return to WWE if it was presented, but she’d pass on AEW because they wouldn’t have the time for her. I believe if AEW had interest they would have already reached out. Mickie James has so much she could pass on to the next generation, and with Triple H making the main roster a glorified version of the old NXT, who better than her to teach in the physical way?

#1. Bray Wyatt

Yeah… sorry guys, it was the obvious choice. Everyone is waiting for the triumphant return of Bray Wyatt (AKA Windham Rotunda) and there’s no telling when or how that will happen. With Vince McMahon gone from WWE, there is more of a chance of him returning, but I wouldn’t count out him going elsewhere. Wyatt isn’t about money so much as he’s about creativity. If AEW allows him to go all out with whatever vision he has? He could go there.

But there’s something to be said about familiarity, and Wyatt will know he always has a spot in WWE. It’s not a straightforward choice to make, but whichever way his bread is buttered, his return will be a tasty one. He won’t be the same as he was before, because he will only accept a breakthrough evolution of his character. With what happened to ‘The Fiend’, I would expect that character to be buried. It’s impossible to say which way he will go, but I’m sure it will be intriguing.

Again, apologies for the obligatory #1 spot. There isn’t anyone else that fans are so eagerly awaiting the return of. If you’re a fan who doesn’t care for Wyatt, who would you prefer to see instead? Do you think AEW needs any more wrestlers? Would you prefer Triple H picks up a few more superstars? Or should they be happy with building those they have? Please let us know in the comments and thank you for reading!


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