10 Most Embarrassing & Degrading WWE Moments


Greetings. Today, we are looking at 10 of the most embarrassing and degrading WWE moments of all time. There are plenty of options to choose from, but I shall leave it up to you guys to share the most memorable to not be included in this list. Let’s begin with something recent.

1. We Are The Nation! Of Emasculation!

Spot the 5 former WWE superstars in this video. After fighting with addiction and announcing a pregnancy, Mike & Maria Kanellis were finally called up to the main roster after a frustrating run on 205 Live; allegedly (they later denied it) asking for their release. Their reward was a brief run where Maria shared the gender of their child before proceeding to emasculate her husband by claiming other wrestlers were the Father.

She would constantly berate Mike and tell him he’s not a man, and the story made them both look terrible. In later interviews, Mike said they weren’t embarrassed because they were playing characters on TV and WWE had taken care of them. If anything, he was more annoyed that it didn’t lead anywhere. At least, if they weren’t embarrassed, the WWE Universe was on their behalf. It was obviously a story designed to degrade their value if they were to go elsewhere. In April 2020, they were let go along with many others to save costs during the pandemic.

2. Oink Oink

I don’t know whose coffee Mickie James got caught spitting in, but boy has she been buried something fierce over the years. She’d never admit to hating the “Piggy James” storyline, but we all know that at the time, there was sheer outrage from the fans. And not necessarily directed at Layla or Michelle McCool, but at the company itself. Fat shaming remains a big problem, and what confused people the most is Mickie wasn’t anywhere near fat, chubby, or overweight in the slightest. Was WWE accidentally encouraging anorexia?

She had put on a few pounds since debuting years prior, but in no way was she overweight. The fans loved Mickie, and she needed to come out of this storyline as the overall victor. But she didn’t, because only a few weeks after beating McCool for the Women’s Championship at the Royal Rumble, she lost it back to her on a random episode of SmackDown. The moral of this story is the bullies won. Had there been a proper payoff, perhaps this angle would’ve been received in a better light.

3. Embrace Who You Are Told To Be

Much like Piggy James, other superstars (especially Baron Corbin) began insulting Chad Gable’s “short” stature. At 5 foot 8 inches, Gable is not considered a little person. You could understand if it was directed at Rey Mysterio, or Hornswoggle (but that would be totally off limits, right?), but it’s such a hollow insult it’s more embarrassing for the company than anything else. In terms of creative, is this all they can come up with? It’s about as bad as passing Jason Jordan off as Kurt Angle’s son. What was wrong with American Alpha?

Vince McMahon and his monkey creative team sit around the table eating their bananas, and this is what tickles their funny bones? Oh my god… Chad Gable is so short! That’s hilarious… let’s put it on TV and make him fully embrace it. Think about how much it will get him over! Judging by the fan’s response though, they weren’t going for it, and it took WWE well over a year to notice. Way to embarrass one of the greatest wrestlers in the world. Top YouTube comment:

“Theyre not gonna name him Shorty G”“I cant believe they named him Shorty G” 🤦🏻‍♂️

4. Flatulence Gone Wild

There’s a fetish for this kind of thing… and yes, it’s disgusting. Many of us can appreciate a good fart joke now and then. Hell, South Park made up two characters to fart on each other constantly. Family Guy had Peter Griffin fart chasing his daughter Meg around the kitchen table til she vomits. There’s a time and place for farting, but if not done right you get things like Natalya Neidfart.

Remember who your audience is. Who is this for? And why was it done so poorly? Fart jokes have been done to death with way more bang for your buck. It’s like they didn’t bother to see how the masters do it. Instead, they have Natalya randomly farting and others treating it like it’s the worst thing since Eddie Guerrero sprayed Big Show with sewerage. And that’s it? What’s the payoff? Where is this going? Turns out the gimmick fizzled out quietly, like a silent but deadly one. Poor Nattie.

5. Pucker Up

By 2001, I had been watching the WWF/E for over a year. Despite seeing all the controversial Attitude Era booking, introducing the “Kiss My Ass Club” marked the first time where I thought to myself… wow, this is going too far!

Mr. McMahon was a master of gaining heat, but having employees literally kissing him on the backside was not something I wanted to see. It served as the ultimate humiliation and degradation of those encouraged in to this sickening display. A totally unnecessary practice because Vince already had plenty of heat from his time feuding with Steve Austin, The Rock and others. If there is such a thing as overkill.

Those who fell victim to the club include: William Regal, Jim Ross, Shawn Michaels, Shane McMahon, Mick Foley and Hornswoggle.

Superstars who were lucky to escape: Steve Austin, Trish Stratus, Zach Gowen, Eric Bischoff, Marty Jannetty & Triple H.

This special club didn’t stop with Mr. McMahon though. The Rikishi edition put an end to Vince’s reign after he was forced to kiss it. There’s also a forgotten moment when Test & Scott Steiner reopened the club to punish their valet Stacy Keibler. This kinda content would be better suited in another form of entertainment.

6. Stone Cold! Stone Cold!

Remember, this was right in the middle of their “Be A Star” bullying campaign. Now, it’s not so bad impersonating someone, especially if you’re a heel character fishing for heat. But is drooping your face to make fun of a guy with Bell’s palsy going a step too far?

Look at the Like-to-Dislike ratio of this video. 506 thumbs up to 1.9k thumbs down. Many agree that Vince went too far with this one. It wasn’t funny and really shows the sick sense of humour he has.

7. Something Smells Fishy

There was a time when the pairing of Rusev and Lana was a force to be reckoned with. He even got a special entrance with a tank at WrestleMania. But it all came crashing down in the middle of a ridiculous storyline feud between Rusev and Lana; when he turned Summer Rae in to his new Lana. He showered Summer with gifts, ranging from a clearly frightened puppy to a beheaded fish. Lana soon turned up to say she wasn’t humiliated and rubbed Summer Rae’s face in the fish. The angle came to an abrupt end because Lana and Rusev publicly shared photos of their real-life wedding online.

We didn’t see much of Summer after that, as she was buried and released from contract after sitting on the sidelines over a year. Further down the road, the embarrassing romance storylines continued, except this time it was Lana leaving Rusev to “marry” Bobby Lashley. While it got some of WWE’s biggest ratings of 2019, it will go down as yet another embarrassing and degrading storyline. Much to the fan’s dismay, Rusev’s disposable worth to the company was confirmed when they released him in April 2020.

8. Tom Green

Anyone remember Tom Green? If you don’t, he was a guy in the late 90s/early 2000s who had a show where he would entertain with shock humor. He would do literally anything for attention… I’m not kidding. Tom Green was absolutely disgusting and proud of it. And this is what we have here with Tommy Dreamer, as he shares the extremes he’s willing to go to in front of the world. And not in a violent way, no… but in the way where you volunteer to eat hot dogs off the floor and drink Undertaker’s tobacco spit.

He probably wasn’t embarrassed because it’s Tommy Dreamer. It’s never brought up by WWE, so it’s clearly an embarrassment for the company. This isn’t a moment for the highlight reels folks. Dreamer went from being the heart and soul of ECW, to playing a cheap Tom Green knockoff. And for what? Well, nothing at all! Can you believe that absolutely nothing came of this?

9. Canine Commands

I’m a big dog lover and know how to train them… but with Trish Stratus this was too much on the wet nose. The segment is so demeaning it served as firepower for opposition against Linda McMahon’s lost senate campaign. Fair enough, treat Stratus poorly, make her feel small, but ordering her to strip down and bark like a dog? That’s cruel. Luckily, Trish doesn’t take offense to it because there was a massive payoff at WrestleMania; when she & Linda McMahon finally got their revenge.

The degrading segment made Trish a bigger star. She broke out from being the boss’s mistress in to a sympathetic character. She became one of the most popular and successful Diva’s of all time. Yes, it was incredibly embarrassing and showed a side of WWE that is still there in some form today, but unlike most of the other moments featured in this list, it somehow turned in to a positive.

10. Rated R Superstars

From a recent report found here: Lita Says Vince McMahon Threatened To Fire Her If She Didn’t Do The Live Sex Segment

Former WWE Superstar Lita revealed that she was uncomfortable taking part in the ‘Live Sex Celebration’ with Edge back in 2006. She claims WWE threatened to fire her if she didn’t go through with it.

Lita noted that Edge, John Cena and several others went to bat for her and tried to get the segment pulled, but Vince McMahon ‘insisted’ on it taking place and threatened to fire her if she didn’t do it. She also confirmed that she was actually topless under the covers. The two got down to their underwear before Ric Flair interrupted.

She later revealed that the segment was the reason she wound up leaving WWE and was buried on her way out because of it.

In terms of the gimmick, it made sense for the “Rated R Superstar” to do something like this. Even so, implying that Edge & Lita would have live sex on a show with kids watching was insane. No one thought they would actually go through with it. Lita was already dressing exceptionally loose, which was enough skin for most people.

Celebrity Exposed

One thing that people forget about the “Live Sex Celebration” is that Lita was exposed. I’m not giving you links, but it’s true that the cameraman got a shot of Lita’s left breast and didn’t pan away. Lita noticed him stood there and tried pulling the cover over herself, but it was too late and only then did he move away. The footage will live on forever and it’s WWE’s fault for encouraging her in to a segment where she could be exposed. Lita worked with the company up til Trish Stratus announced her retirement, and then announced her own retirement less than a week later.

She has worked with the company since that day, but didn’t stop wrestling because of injuries. Lita wanted to be respected as more than a sex object, and this experience made her feel the company perceived her in a way she was no longer comfortable with. It happened shortly after a very real love triangle storyline between Matt Hardy, Edge & herself, and the last thing she wanted people to remember her for was being a tramp. No, she wasn’t the greatest woman’s wrestler to ever live, but she didn’t deserve to be treated like a skank; even if it’s common knowledge her & Edge had an affair. Luckily, when fans look back on her career, they remember the good times, and not this sordid act of so-called entertainment.

And there we have it, 10 embarrassing & degrading WWE moments. Can you remember anymore? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading everyone! Next up, I will have a list of the Top 10 Wrestling Finishers of all time. See you then.

Embarrassing WWE Moments

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