Cena Reigns Elim Chamber
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10 Most OMG Elimination Chamber Moments Of All Time


And no, Shawn Michael’s wasn’t officially in this match, but he made a surprise appearance. Perhaps no one was as surprised as The Undertaker.

Shawn snuck in to deliver that perfectly executed kick of his worthy of Chuck Norris, enabling Chris Jericho to secure the victory.

Of course Taker had a few things to say about that later on as time progressed.

John Cena Takes Flight

Cena takes flight
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And how can a list like this be complete without recalling one of the greatest in the business, John Cena? He has had many impeccable moments in the hellacious structure known as The Elimination Chamber, but perhaps this moment that comes from 2017 in the annals of history, landing on Bray Wyatt and AJ Styles with full force is his riskiest—Cena not being one to take to jumping off of anything.

The end of the match certainly didn’t go in his favour, but as always he gave it his all, which is an all-out guarantee by John Cena with everything he does.

And in the end, The Elimination Chamber is an event that is surely guaranteed to give more epic moments like the ones mentioned above and so many others that didn’t make the list.

10 certainly aren’t enough when looking back. But looking to the Elimination Chamber event coming up this weekend, we can surely expect some form of carnage and epic memories to boot.

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