10 Things to Improve TNA


How to improve TNA

Focus on regional shows does it really matter that TNA runs shows all
over the country if no one shows up. Focus on Florida, Tennessee, Louisiana,
Georgia, also Chicago  build a fan base
there so that when you do take the show on the road you have an invested
audience.  You’ll catch more eyes with a
hot crowd than no crowd.   

2. Market in traditional media. Radio, TV. You know that
maybe if you ran a commercial telling people in a market that you’re going to
be running a house show maybe more than 100 would show up. Twitter would be
great for you but nobody knows about you. How many times have we heard talent
say that fans would stop them at an airport and ask them where they have been
after headlining a PPV.  

3. Offer a couple of house shows for free on YouTube. Someone
needs to see you house shows.

4. Focus on young, cheap workers, Cut cost at any cost, and
thank god they are starting to do that. 

5. Have squash matches. This will make more workers look
good, you can’t build a star if get’s his butt handed to him week after week.

6. Name change, TNA to a more traditional sounding name. The
NWA would be perfect, well know, and wrestling needs the NWA. The WWE may own
the history of wrestling, but the NWA is the history of wrestling.

7. Focus a half hour of impact on wrestling news &
history. Two hours is too much for every week. A talking head show like Legends
of Wrestling would be perfect for TNA. Every week a half hour where you have
some old-timers discussing wresting would be far more interesting than that dried
up old bat that quiefs dust.

8. When a world title
changes so much and for so many unqualified people to hold the world title it
takes away from the suspense of a title change. Eric young, AA, were and are
jokes as champions , Bully Ray should have never lost the title , he has the
mouth, the size, the believability to have held that title for over a year. If
Bully Ray was on TV week after week with his pig anus of a mouth insulting the challengers
and the fans that would have drawn more heat for the company than the real life
version of Eugene know as Eric Young. When the world title changes it should be
a surprise out of nowhere win, not a “what are we going to do to on tonight
show, oh wait I know change the champion.” Harley Race once cut a promo where
he stated that as the NWA worlds champion he was the toughest man on earth,
others can claim to be the toughest but he has proven it by being the champ.
The champion should be the man that could wipe the floor with any man on the roster
not a comedy act, not a bouncing male stripper, the champion needs to be the
guy that can and will kick your ass!

8. Consistent organic storytelling, too many times with TNA
a storyline that could be used over an extended period of time will be used up
on one show. As of right now TNA is not giving the fan they still have a reason
to come back week after week, there is no build for anything that goes on. If
TNA had written the bible Jesus would have been crucified and resurrected in a
ten minute segment, then when they would have come back from commercials Jesus
would have turned on his followers, joined Satan and won the world title only
for Satan to turn on Jesus steal the belt and crucify him again. Back from commercials
again Vince Russo would be in the ring with a paternity doctor claiming to be Jesus
real father and that Dixie is the real Virgin Mary. Tell me that I wrong about
that.  Why should the fans come back week
after week if an issue starts at the beginning of a show and end at the end of
a show. Wrestling is a TV product. Look at some popular shows on TV, Game of
Thrones, True Blood, 24, all take the time to build to a climax that’s worth
the wait. Hell, that’s what the WWF did in the attitude era, every week was a
cliffhanger, you wanted to come back and see what would happen next. Of course
the WWF also sold an ass load of PPV’s and merchandise cause the fan were invested.
Something that TNA can’t do. Vince Russo is to the creative process as
wrestlzone is to wrestling journalism, an F’ning joke.  

9. Organic characters, Austin was real, AA sucks worst than
a crack head in need of cash. 

10. Stop trying to be the WWE, be yourself, be good and fans
will come. Also get rid of Russo and Dixie these two are the absolute worst
people to be running a wrestling company. Daddy Carter you need to fire your
baby girl cause she has been played from day one. Dixie’s the fat girl that
will empty her wallet just to spend time with a man with something over a inch.

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