10 TV Shows/Movies With Wrestler Cameos You May Have Missed. Vol. #2


Hey! I’m back with a new volume of wrestlers who have featured in cameos in popular TV series & movies. I will not include wrestler’s playing a leading role, and I’d like to shy away from movies with many wrestlers (like Ready To Rumble and The Longest Yard). I’ll also exclude talk/sketch shows like Saturday Night Live, or interviews with news channels. You can find the first volume here:

Volume #1

Warning: Some Content Is Not Suitable For Children. Some Videos May Contain Excessive Violence, Bad Language, And Other Controversial Behaviour. I Do Not Own, Or Condone Anything Seen In These Shows.

1. Roddy Piper In Always Sunny In Philadelphia (2009, 2012)

Piper first appeared as “Da’ Maniac” in season 5. The character was loosely based on Mickey Rourke’s role in The Wrestler. He returned a few years later for another episode.

2. Hulk Hogan In American Dad (2012)

In this episode, Hulk Hogan inspires Stan to overcome Roger and take back employee swim time. They fight Roger and a bunch of rich snobs, before Hogan says goodbye by walking naked in to the sunset brother! -Video Broken

3. Vader In Boy Meets World (1995-1996)

He appeared in several episodes as “Frankie”. He’s a wrestler, and an intense character who dislikes his eldest son’s ambitions to be a poet instead of following in his footsteps. He has troubles getting out of kayfabe, so he would shout and threaten others with violence.

4. Scott Steiner, Booker T & Buff Bagwell In Charmed (2001)

Steiner & Booker T find themselves in a tag team match against two good witches with magical powers. Bagwell isn’t hard to spot. Steiner cuts an epic promo as expected.

5. Big Show In Star Trek: Enterprise (2004)

He played Onion Slaver #1, the biggest & fiercest in the slave market of Borderland. He picks T’Pol up like a child to show the auctioneers. He gets in to a fight later in the episode, but I can’t find it so you’ll just have to believe me.

6. The Rock In Hannah Montana (2007)

Before he became a worldwide movie star, Dwayne Johnson had to do some crap before he got anything decent. He talks us through his time on the show, which included an extreme makeover.

7. Bret Hart & Chris Benoit On Malcolm In The Middle (2000-2006)

I was never a huge fan of this show, but I did enjoy seeing Bret Hart and Benoit’s 1999 match featured in the intro. It should still exist in re-runs as the show came to an end before Benoit’s demise. Not exactly a cameo, but a memorable addition to the shows intro. Blink and you’ll miss it.

8. The Undertaker In Poltergeist: The Legacy (1999)

The Undertaker plays a badass role as the Soul Chaser. It was very similar to The Undertaker gimmick. Nothing can stop this monster!

9. Kevin Nash In Sabrina The Teenage Witch (1997)

Due to a complication, The Giant appeared in Sabrina’s closet. Kudos to Nash for not tearing his quad in this physical scene.

10. Ric Flair On The Cleveland Show (2011)

Cleveland decides to go on a camping trip with the boys. Luckily he manages to recruit Ric Flair (in his prime) to keep them motivated. WOOOOOOO!

And that’s all for today .. stay tuned. Please leave a comment with your favourite cameos from the list. My favourite from this collection is The Undertaker’s killer showing as Soul Chaser. Thanks for reading & watching! Shutting down all broadcasts.

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