11 Useless WWE Trivia Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know



Wrestling fans alike enjoy nothing more than proving to each other that they know more about pro wrestling than the other. Whether you can hold your own in a game of WWE trivia or not, I scoured the web to find 11 of the most utterly useless facts that are sure to impress even the most knowledgable fan.

11. Shawn Michaels Is Ambidextrous 

From a very young age, the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels has been able to use both his left and right hands with equal efficiency. Both arms have the same strength, grip, accuracy etc. Only 1% of the world’s population is ambidextrous, however, Shawn is a more unique case then most. Depending on what the task is, he will use a different hand. WhatCulture reported on HBK’s ability claiming that he colors and draws with his right hand, yet he writes with his left.

10. Cesaro Loves Justin Bieber 


When asked in an interview about his music taste, fans were quickly treated to an odd answer. The Swiss Superman enjoys most music including 80s, 90’s, Rock and modern. As for modern music, Cesaro is a big fan of Australian star, Sia, but most importantly Justin Bieber. Cesaro was quick to defend Bieber after he was met with fan criticism on social media. Cesaro responded, “He had a number one hit and then straight away had another number one hit, and then at some point had four songs in the top ten or something like that. Whether you like him or not, that’s incredible. No one has done that… so even if you don’t like his music, you have to respect the talent that he has as a musician.”

9. The Mr. Perfect Gimmick Was Almost Given To Terry Taylor 

Which gimmick is better: The Red Rooster, or Mr. Perfect?

If you answered anything other than Mr. Perfect, please stop reading this article and seek help.

At Wrestlefest, Taylor went 1-1 with Hennig, however, officials weren’t concerned about the planned finish; they were concerned about how each man connected with the audience during the bout. Evidently, officials liked the cocky and arrogant vibe of Hennig and ultimately chose him for the role of Mr. Perfect and sent Terry Taylor’s career in a downward spiral with the Red Rooster.

8. The WWE Wellness Policy Includes Referees

WWE supposedly has one of the world’s top athlete wellness policies in which performers are subject to random drug screens that test for performance enhancing drugs and illicit narcotics/controlled substances. But, did you know that referees are also tested? In fact, referee Mike Chioda was suspended for 30 days in 2011 for his first violation of the wellness policy.

7. Nikki Bella was Almost A Pro Soccer Player

Fearless Nikki almost played professional soccer out of college after she was a key player on her team, leading them to win the Pacific Conference Championship. Shortly before signing with an Italian Women’s soccer club, Brie convinced her sister that WWE would be a better option.

6. Randy Orton Had Two Tattoos Removed

Many fans are very fond of Orton’s tattoos, but did you know that he’s had two removed. The first tattoo was an ode to the USMC (United States Marine Corps), but after he was discharged from the US Marines for disorderly conduct, he removed it. Along with the USMC tattoo, Orton removed a “his n’ hers” tattoo that he got for his ex wife when he married his current wife.

5. Batista’s Original Character Was A Child Of Rape

Could you imagine the Batista as anything else but an Animal? I sure can’t, but Batista’s original character was actually going to be a wrestler who was conceived during a rape. I don’t understand WWE’s logic here, trying to come so close to something so sensitive. But either way, the plan didn’t make it all the way through creative and being a rape baby doesn’t make for a valid excuse when acting like a heel.

4. WWE Catering Statistics

As many readers know, one of the only things that WWE actually provides their athletes with is food at the arena. Whether SDL, RAW, or a live event, WWE orders a ridiculous amount of catering which consists of:

150lbs of beef or pork, Five hundred cookies, six to eight cases of vegetables, 100lbs of potatoes, sixty-five cases of water, 180lbs of chicken, five gallons of rice, fifteen gallons of soup, ten cakes, forty cases of soda, six pies, and three cases of energy drinks.

3. RVD Is The World Record Holder Of His Own Weight Lift 

RVD invented his own weight lift and is the world record holder for the heaviest weight accomplished in the position.

2. The Royal Rumble Almost Never Happened

WWE legend Pat Patterson pitched the idea of the Royal Rumble to Vince McMahon, who HATED the idea and quickly shut it down. Vince thought the idea was “stupid”, but nonetheless, NBC wanted a special WWE program and with nothing better to fill its place, Vince gave the match the green light. Even though Vince claims his “go ahead” for the match was sarcastic, NBC executive Dick Ebersol loved the idea.

1. Rey Mysterio Was A Stunt Double For Freddy Kruger

The Nightmare On Elm Street is one of the most iconic horror movies of all time… and Rey Mysterio is in it. If you may recall, among the creepiest scenes in the movie happens when one of the main characters has a nightmare where they are trapped in a boiler room with Freddy. Freddy is seen bouncing off the walls and swinging from the pipes, however, that isn’t star actor Robert Englund, its Mysterio!

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