15 Greatest Matches in Tribute of Jon Huber (Brodie Lee/Luke Harper)


It was vindication for Brodie, after spending many years of his life struggling to break through the glass ceiling. As he said to Tony Schiavone, this Brodie Lee was created because of executives like him. He finally reached the top and the power was his. We were lucky to see Brodie finally get time in the spotlight in the way he wanted. No longer in anybody’s shadow.

#15: vs. Cody Rhodes – TNT Championship Dog Collar Match on Dynamite (10/7/2020)

In his last-ever match, Brodie Lee did what he did best, he put another guy over better than anyone. And we knew nothing about it at the time, but it was because of his condition that he needed to relinquish the title. It’s common for wrestlers to be written off, and it’s always assumed they’ll recover and make a triumphant return. Sadly, this isn’t one of those times, and he leaves us with this great and rare memory of the Dog Collar match between himself and Cody Rhodes. Sometimes you don’t know how valuable something is til it isn’t there anymore. I connected with Jon Huber back in his NXT days, having heard so many good things from his independent career. My opinion of him deserving a solid singles run never changed throughout his WWE or AEW careers.

He was one of the best big men in the business who had it all. The look, the voice, the work ethic, and the skills. And as a great human being and loving father, there isn’t anything anyone can say to bring him down. He was a mountain of a man who deserved to be on top of one, and while his biggest moments were fleeting, they will be forever etched in the memory of his fans, peers, and family. And that’s why when I heard the news I had to check if I wasn’t having a nightmare. It still doesn’t feel real, yet his legacy will always be. He never won a World Title, but he was a World Champion to me. Thanks for reading.

RIP Jon Huber. One of the greatest wrestlers of his generation.

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