15 Ridiculously Dangerous Wrestling Gimmick Matches


Hi all! Here is a continuation from my previous piece, as I didn’t want to try and cram 55 different gimmick matches in to one sitting. If you missed the other, there is a link provided below. This time, we are taking a look at 15 of the most dangerous wrestling gimmick matches in the history of the business. If you like mindless violence and gore, this one is especially for you. Did I miss anything obvious? Please let me know if so.

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1. 10,000 Thumbtacks

The first entry comes from a PPV match at TNA Turning Point 2007. Rhino was originally scheduled to be Abyss’ partner, but due to injury, Raven was called upon to take his place. Black Reign (AKA Goldust) cuts a promo with his pet rat… which he enjoys licking, before this gets underway.

If you think one bag of thumbtacks is already too much, this one takes the biscuit. Not only do they have boards of tacks surrounding the ring, but there’s a bag of tacks hanging from a pole as well. There’s no special way to win; all you have to do is survive long enough to get the pinfall.

2. 200 Light Tubes

I couldn’t find a decent match for this gimmick, so the video shows highlights from a CZW bout. You can add any number before the light tubes to make it the way you want. You think Cody Rhodes blading on a random episode of Dynamite is bad? Watch almost any match involving light tubes.

Personally, I don’t get the appeal, but some wrestlers make a living out of being this unnecessarily hardcore. Current AEW World Champion Jon Moxley and WWE superstar Drew Gulak had to work matches like these in the early days of their careers.

3. Anal Explosion

No… I’m not kidding. In a unique match between an unmasked Hayabusa (named “H”) and masked arch rival Mr. Gannosuke (fake Hayabusa), the stipulation deciding the winner was when one of them inserts a firecracker in to their opponents ass and lights it. Only in Japan! The worst we got in America is sticking a fat backside in to someone’s face. It’s difficult for some to understand how this could come to fruition, but rest assured, the rivalry between Hayabusa and Mr. Gannosuke was so heated that anyone knowledgeable of their history won’t be surprised this happened.

To anyone unaware, it’s likely perceived as ridiculously funny and dangerous all at the same time. The ultimate form of humiliation could also go down as one of the most extreme gimmicks ever witnessed. If there’s any injustice here, it’s that both these guys were phenomenal wrestlers, and instead of getting a proper match… the fans got this instead. Was it worth the price of admission?

4. Barbed Wire Exploding C4

If there is any video to watch in its entirety, it’s this barbaric match to decide the undisputed “King Of The Deathmatch”. With narration from Mick Foley himself, his soft-spoken tone tells the story of when Cactus Jack took on Terry Funk in the ’95 finals. The legend of this encounter continues to permeate among wrestling fans to this day, as we know there will likely be nothing like it again.

dangerous wrestling gimmick matches

Not only has it got barbed wire surrounding the ring, but it’s also rigged up with C4 explosives. When they fall on to barbed wire mats, some have been set up with C4 to go off. And to make it even more dangerous? The ring is set to explode after a specified time limit. This heated rivalry had been going on across two continents, so to put them in this environment was not exactly farfetched for the time. Allow Mick Foley to describe it as eloquently as one can.

5. Bungee

I almost put this in to the previous article because it’s probably more funny than it is dangerous, but then I saw what happened after its conclusion. The Global Wrestling Federation set this up in 1991.

Seriously… it’s not very long, and knowing what happened to Owen Hart eight years later, it begs the question of why did they find it necessary to have a match like this? Who is it appealing to, bungee enthusiasts??

6. Crisis Big Born Deathmatch

Oh my god. Ok, how do I explain this. A Crisis Big Born Deathmatch is a combination of several types of deathmatch all rolled in to one glorious layer of pastry. The combatants in the video include: Shadow VII, Shadow WX, Shadow Winger & The Great Pogo vs. Jason The Terrible, Shoji Nakamaki, Mitsuhiro Matsunaga & Masked GK

Here’s an extensive list of foreign objects included in this extreme encounter:

  • Barbed Wire Boards
  • Dry Ice
  • Bed Of Nails
  • Thumbtacks
  • Electrified Light Tube Boards
  • Cactuses (Cacti)
  • Coffin
  • Tank of Scorpions
  • Nail + Barbed Wire Baseball Bats
  • Electrified Heaters

Let’s just say the match is an acquired taste. It’s definitely not going to appeal to the majority. And no, Vince Russo had nothing to do with this monstrosity.

7. Electric Pool

Watch out for old ECW legend Mike Awesome here as The Gladiator. What do you get when you surround the ring with water, set it to explode if anyone is thrown in, along with electrified barbed wire surrounding the ring (except for one side)? An Electric Pool match of course! Or as some fans call it… the No Rope Electrified Barbed Wire Swimming Pool Dynamite Double Hell Death Match.

Oh yes! And if anyone falls in, they are eliminated from the match. Don’t worry, no wrestlers were killed in the making of this gimmick; although it does look like one of them is getting impaled in the gut with a scythe. Whoever thought of this must have been taking something psychedelic. Where do we go from here? The only way this could have been more extreme is if they had sharks circling while random goons throw grenades in to the ring. Wait a minute… I’ve trademarked that idea. You can’t have it!

8. Hangman’s Horror

Remember when Daniel Bryan got fired for simulating a choke hold on Justin Roberts? Well, TNA went ahead and booked a match with this stipulation years before. In a heated feud between Raven & Vampiro in 2004, they had a match which could only be won if you placed a dog collar around an opponent’s neck and choked them out to the point they could no longer answer the referee.

And it wasn’t a one-time thing, as Raven worked another of these against Abyss a few years later. Hangman’s Horror is so aptly named it needs little description. Again, luckily no one was seriously injured from the simulated display of murder. Watch out for a CM Punk cameo at the end… yes, sixteen years ago he was one of Raven’s minions.

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