15 Vince McMahon Moments Which Made Us Ask Questions.


Hey everyone. Today I have a list of times Vince made us ask questions of the Mr. McMahon character, and his business decisions which affected WWE and the fans.

1. Calls Shane A Son Of A B**** On PG Show.

It just seemed so out-of-place. On a PG-rated show, you don’t often hear anyone using any form of cursing, and if you do it’s only in extreme circumstances. Talents have been fired for way less, so it feels like a double standard that the chairman can swear when he’s on TV and no one else can. How is he allowed to do that when little kids are watching? And it’s not just about the cursing .. it was the choice of words. Calling your own son a “son of a b****” is basically calling your own wife a b**** too. What was he thinking?

2. Cesaro Does Not Have The It Factor.

You know something’s not right when Stone Cold Steve Austin is visually perplexed by Vince’s lack of support for Cesaro. There was a time when Cesaro was getting major pops almost every week, especially when he started making The Big Swing routine. Vince didn’t like that he was getting over .. so Vince had Cesaro turn heel, paired him with Heyman, and purposely wrecked any momentum he had. He stated the reason behind it was because “he’s not got the IT factor”, and when Austin asked Vince what he planned to do with Cesaro going forward .. he could only reply with “no idea”.

3. Triple H Is Not His Son.

Yeah I still remember this travesty. It became known that Vince had an illegitimate son and wanted the big reveal on an episode of Raw. He invited all the talent in the ring .. and they did this funny “Guess Who?” style game where you had to leave the ring if you have bald hair, are too extreme (etc.). Sandman had no idea what was going on (he had concussion) so he just stayed in the ring.

It got a bit uneasy when it was suggested Triple H could be his son .. which poked at the uneasy possibility of incest between HHH & Stephanie. Eventually it was announced Hornswoggle was his son and the world let out a groan. No .. just no. It was stupid, it still is stupid, and it led to Vince feuding with Finlay (Hornswoggle’s real dad, apparently) and having a cage match against Hornswoggle. I wanted this story to die the second it started, and if I could Men In Black myself just to forget it I probably would.

4. Death-Dyfing.

There’s a couple of interesting tidbits about this angle. Firstly, if you watch out for Paul London’s MASSIVE grin as Vince McMahon walks by .. he got fired for that. No I’m not kidding, London was meant to be taking it seriously and Vince didn’t take his light attitude too kindly.

Secondly (and this one isn’t funny at all) .. the angle was scrapped almost immediately as it came out that Chris Benoit and family had died. Vince showed up on the next Raw and admitted he hadn’t really died and they would pay tribute to Chris Benoit. Of course .. as the show continued, facts about the tragedy came to light and the tribute show was not allowed to be shown again. Just poor timing from Vince .. but in a way I’m glad the angle never got going as it was stupid anyways.

5. He Wasn’t Going To Stand For It.

Not much Vince could’ve done about this one, aside from perhaps realizing he’s not as young as he used to be. Apparently Cena and Batista botched the finish so they were eliminated together, forcing Vince McMahon to come out with furious anger to clean it up. And when he got in the ring .. he did a Kevin Nash and blew both his quads, so he just kinda sat there in the ring with an angry face as Cena, Batista, and the referees tried to take him seriously. You have to ask why he felt compelled to get out there when he could’ve barked orders from the Gorilla position and got the same effect.

6. Interview With Melanie Pillman.

I’ve featured this video in a previous list article, but it’s SO bad that I couldn’t exclude it. Interviewing a widow literally a day after her husband’s death is pretty low. But he didn’t just stop there .. no, they plugged the interview throughout the night like a main event match. It was live .. and Vince asked the questions with little remorse. I always felt like it was done to try and shift any blame away from the WWF (not that it was to blame, but Vince wanted to be certain no one would imply it), but it was very tough to watch. You can tell Melanie’s not really there .. she’s just saying stuff. She’s grieving, she’s still in shock. Vince didn’t seem upset by any of it; not even for a second. It was low .. and it’s stuff like this which makes you question Vince’s outlook on life & death.

7. Introduces God.

I could understand his feud with HBK Shawn Michaels and wanting to bring his religious views in to it. I mean .. HBK used to be a little devil, but by this point in his career he’d turned to God and done away with his controversial ways. Just to prove he’s better than God .. Vince called him out to the ring and cut an epic promo (sarcasm) where he stated this was his ring and he was bigger than God. I’m not religious, I was christened when I was a baby but I ended up an atheist. But even so .. I found the God angle to be in bad taste and unnecessary in a feud with HBK. Could he not find any other material to make Michaels look bad?

8. Kiss My Ass Club.

I hated this so much when I was younger. Like .. I didn’t hate the Mr. McMahon character more than I already did, instead it made me question WWE and why they let Vince get away with having the talent literally kiss his arse on live television. And as an English fan I was a big fan of William Regal, and we all know he was the first to do it. I felt it was a gross abuse of power. You wouldn’t find this kind of thing anywhere else in the world (on TV) .. it was so bizarre and it kept coming back. Even when Vince finally got a taste of his own medicine, it still didn’t sit well with me. I’m not sure who he was trying to impress with the special club. I guess he wanted to show he could do anything he likes and the talent would literally kiss his backside to be in the spotlight for a moment.

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