2014 Traditional Survivor Series Match: Do you agree with the entrants on each team?


The teams are essentially filled, and the second longest running PPV in WWE
history is only weeks away. How are you feeling about the traditional Survivor
Series match thus far?

This topic always creates mixed feelings within the
internet wrestling community, because some believe certain wrestlers belong in
the event, and certain do not. Some even think the match is a throw away. The
latter is likely less of a concern this year, due to the stipulation. Team Cena
winning = Stef & Hunter go back to an off-camera role and many new primary
storylines can emerge. I’m basing this solely on the multiple comments of
people complaining about the authority (aka Corporation rehash) storyline being
outplayed on a prior article. Personally, I think team Authority will win. All
that aside, here is a list of the Survivor Series participants, with my view on
whether they should be there or not:

Team Authority:

Seth Rollins (Captain)

Does he belong in the main event? Yes

Does he need the win? Yes

Seth is a fantastic wrestler with Vince’s stamp of approval.
He is doing well in his current role, and still has multiple feuds that can
carry him to Wrestlemania season. Him spearheading team Authority was a given,
as he’s the new golden boy and one of the top heels. He belongs in this spot.


Does he belong in the main event? Yes

Does he need the win? No

Kane is serving a dual role in the WWE as a gatekeeper to
the future stars, as well as a match filler. Kane being in this match was a
given, due to being aligned with the authority. Although Kane is not what he used
to be, he can still be utilized quite well in group matches like this for quick
big moves, and a nice pinfall for whoever pins him (likely Ziggler). Yes, it
would be nicer to have a more entertaining wrestler in here, but without Orton,
they need some nostalgic star power.

Mark Henry

Does he belong in the main event? No

Does he need the win? Yes

This is where I’m guessing some readers will disagree with
me. Mark henry is getting a repackage to be a mid to upper card heel
gatekeeper. I am fine with that, especially if he can put guys like Sami Zayn
over in the future. The reason I say he needs the win is because he needs to
reestablish himself as a credible top heel. The reason I say he does not belong
in this main event is because realistically, they could have fit another star
in the spot. The first name that comes to mind is Cesaro. The second, third,
and fourth names that come to mind are Cesaro as well. The other alternative
would be to each bring a NXT star on each team instead of Henry & Big Show
(aka Neville & Zayn, or Tyson Kidd & Zayn). Yes, that is a long shot,
but it would help build credibility with the young guys. Back in 2006 Survivor
Series, team DX brought CM to the main event. While Punk was more established
than the aforementioned names, it still was nice to see him elevated in a “Big
4” PPV main event. Survivor Series matches are fantastic for showcasing someone
who has not been in the main event scene, so why not exploit that?


Does he belong in the main event? Somewhat

Does he need the win? No, but he needs to lose via DQ

If WWE wants to not bother with any midcard title matches on
Survivor Series, so be it. Rusev is between the mid and upper tier right now,
so this match helps his credibility. If he was pinned or submitted clean, that
would be a huge failure by creative. I have enough faith that Rusev will be
eliminated by DQ, or not eliminated at all in this match. He should either take
someone out via DQ, or score one submission for the night to keep the momentum

Luke Harper

Does he belong in the main event? Yes

Does he need the win? No

Luke Harper is one of those great wrestlers, yet oddball
characters that comes along only once in a few years. I’m glad that someone in
the WWE sees his potential as a huge star, and not just a lackey. If you’re not
over on Luke Harper just yet, give it some time. Luke Harper was the best addition
to team Authority, hands down. He might even be the best addition in the whole
match. I say he doesn’t need the win because the fans still see him as riding
the Wyatt mindset, where he can lose and people will still see him as a
credible threat. This is Harper’s chance to steal the show and get an organic heel
push from the momentum.

Team Cena:

John Cena (captain)

Does he belong in the main event? Yes

Does he need the win? Absolutely not

Cena needed to spearhead this match, end of story. Ambrose
was the only other possibility, but a) he and Rollins feud was in detriment of
getting stale, and b) him and Wyatt deserve a separate feud away from the
Authority. Cena does not need to be the last man standing, nor does he need to
win or pin anyone. This is a fantastic opportunity for creative to put
Rolling/Rusev/Harper over by pinning him. This is also not a singles match, so
it doesn’t make Cena look vulnerable or weak. Cena being the last man standing
and winning it for the team would be slightly disappointing, aside from the
fact that it may shake the main storyline up with the Authority out. For
argument’s sake, let’s say Cena is eliminated and team Cena wins (maybe via
Ziggler). Cena could come back and shake his hand/hug him so it still showcases
Mr. Merchandise.

Dolph Ziggler:

Does he belong in the main event? Yes

Does he need the win? Yes

The 2014 people’s champion has been getting some good
exposure over the past few weeks. Some are speculating a heel turn against
Cena, and some think he’ll be discarded back to the midcard spot after the
event. Ideally, the heel turn would give him more upper card momentum, but it’s
still somewhat of a longshot. This one is not as crystal clear as Orton’s turn.
All that aside, it is fantastic to see him in the main event, and a win, or
even one pinfall would add to the credibility of both the IC title and his

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