2017 WWE Hall of Fame Predictions


As we rejoice on this years Wwe hall of fame ceremony as we seen sting, Jackie, The godfather, The fabulous freebirds, Snoo dog, Big boss man, Joan lunden, Etc be inducted and enshrined in wwe history. We start to think about next year’s hall of fame and who will be inducted and who we want to be inducted. Here is a list that i have come up with what i think should be inducted next year in 2017.

1. Daniel Bryan- After retiring from wwe due to a plethora of conccussions daniel career ended shortly and with out a doubt just like edge, Shawn michaels, And now sting got inducted after they retire i am sure wwe will enshrine Daniel Bryan into next year’s wwe hall of fame.

2. Beth phoinex- Beth phoinex retired from pro wrestleing a few years ago and with out a doubt she was one of the fearcest divas in the pg era and beth is arguably the best wwe divas champion of all time. Currently she is dating wwe hall of famer edge and they are expecting their 2nd child this year. This would be my first divas choice to be inducted into the wwe hall of fame.

3. X-pac- Xpac is long over due to be inducted into the wwe hall of fame. Xpac time with DX in the attitude era changed his character and made xpac for who he is today. This past year or so wwe has featured xpac in the nwo as hulk hogan got fired but xpac was indeed a dx member and will always be one. I would for sure induct xpac in the next few years if not next year.

4. Kurt angle- It has been long rumored that kurt angle will be returning to the wwe and if he’s not wrestling kurt will for sure be inducted into next year wwe hall of fame simply because he is a legend in the pro wrestling buisness and is a veteren in the wwe. Although he has had problems with the wwe in the past i am almost certain he will be more then glad to come back and get inducted. Kurt made his presence felt in the attitude era and in the ruthless aggression era.

5. Goldberg- If Golberg returns at wrestlemania 32 he will for sure wrestle a couple of more matches but if he come back and doesn’t wrestle i am certain vince will induct Goldberg into the wwe hall of fame. Goldberg was very popular in wcw and when he debuted in the wwe goldberg became even more popular. He left wwe on bad terms after wrestlemania when both him and brock lesnar were leaving to go to new sports or companies.

6. Eve Tores- Eve was one of the more dominant divas in the wwe during the early pg era. Eve left wwe after her contract ended and became a jiu jitsu fighter along side her husband who they both have 1 child. Eve was a multi wwe womens and divas champion and made her mark all through the mid 2000-2010s. Eve is another diva who i see going into the wwe hall of fame.

7. JBL- John Bradshaw Layfeild is also long over due for a induction and was rumored for the 2016 hall of fame but wwe decided to go with Stan Hanson. John made his mark in the attitude era while teaming up with the legendary team called apa with ron simmons. John retired at wrestlemania 25 before returning 2 years later to do commentary. John has been on comentary ever since.

8. Apa- If wwe doesn’t induct JBL next year i would like to see them induct the APA Tag team that included JBL and Ron Simmons. APA was known for doing bar fights and having a bar like attitude and no one wanted to mess with the apa. Ever since ron simmons retired the APA has returned a few times to help fellow attitude era friends and i would love to see the APA be inducted into the hall of fame as a tag team.

9. Regis philben- Regis was rumored to be inducted into the class of 2016 but was replaced by snoop dog rumored to be because of Sasha Banks. Regis has also had his fare share of wwe memories in which he did interviewing and he had numerous guest on his morning show on abc before he retired. Regis is a huge fan of the wwe and i would love to see him be inducted.

10. Daniel Bryan for the Warrior Award- With Daniel Bryan huge support for conner the crusher and a guy who loves to give back to the fans is a great canidate for the warrior award. Although i don’t see this happening i personally think The Ultimate Warrior would proud to induct Daniel into the warrior award.

What do you think? Who do you want to see be inducted into the wwe hall of fame next year? Please be realisitic and respectful!

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