25 Current Wrestling Entrance Themes (January 2017)


Hi everyone! Today I would like to bring you a list of 25 entrance themes I’m currently listening to. It doesn’t mean they are my absolute faves and I don’t like any that were not included .. just that 25 is a nice number and I’ll keep it there. I couldn’t find any decent videos for DJ Z or Decay’s (new one) so I replaced them. I also wanted to include Rhyno and D’Angelo Dinero but we don’t hear them enough to have them here.

The videos are in alphabetical order from the wrestler’s/teams names. I did not restrict myself to WWE songs only, and I put in extra effort finding decent custom titantrons so you have something to watch while you listen. Has WWE lost the art of a good titantron video? I think so .. some of the talent on YouTube do a better job. Enjoy the list anyways! And again, please don’t kill me if I didn’t include a song .. post it in the comments section instead. Cheers dudes!

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