5 Things We Learned From RAW


The State Of RAW’s Tag Team Division Is In A Horrible Place 

It’s been well known for awhile now that RAW’s tag team division is less than subpar, and tonight’s show just pretty much proved that. As the show went on the air, a battle royal was underway to determine the next tag team to join Team RAW at Survivor Series. Tonight, during the match, the division – that consists of a prime tandem like The Revival and a star like Bobby Roode – was nothing more than a chew toy for Braun Strowman. It’s frustrating to see a team like The Revival getting treated terribly. I really hope Vince changes his mind and does something with those two. 

Nia Jax Is The New Big Show

Is Nia a heel? Is Nia a babyface? Which is it? She’s literally the female version of Big Show nowadays. WWE is illogical at times, we all know that, they engage in hypocritical storylines. For example, remember when Nia was body shamed, remember when Alexa Bliss constantly belittled her live on television? And shortly thereafter, Nia did the exact same thing to Ronda Rousey, looking down upon her? It just makes no sense. Now, she’s bullying Ember Moon on a weekly basis. Guarantee you she’s on the babyface side after her feud with Ronda Rousey. It’s nothing new and not a huge deal, as it’s only Nia Jax, but I’d just like to see WWE’s product be displayed in a more logical fashion – is that too much to ask? It probably is.

Ember Moon Is Getting Used Poorly

I wouldn’t claim that Ember Moon is completely ruined just yet, but she’s getting to that point, sadly. She’s a phenomenal performer, I love Ember, but the company is just piling on ridiculous outcome after ridiculous outcome in regards to her character and matches she participates in. She’s not gaining anything, she’s not gaining any momentum in the slightest. She should’ve won the battle royal at Evolution in which promised a future title shot against Ronda at a later date. Some even say she should’ve been the one to defeat Asuka for the first time at WrestleMania last year, but WWE just let’s perfect opportunities pass them by. These days, she’s just a rag doll for Nia Jax and Tamina and tonight was no different. I understand, these two are meant to be dominant forces, but it doesn’t have to be at the expense of Ember Moon.

RAW’s Overrun Time Being Taken Away Is A Mistake 

It’s not a massive deal nor a massive difference, I won’t lose sleep over it, but I don’t like the fact that they are now taking away the extra six or so minutes of Raw. I wouldn’t say it ruins the excitement per se, but it ruins the unpredictability of when the show will end and what will ultimately close out the show. Now that RAW will be going off the air right on the dot, we’ll know exactly when the main event match or segment will end, a bit disappointing, those additional minutes were necessary, in my opinion. Again, it’s not a big deal, but I’m personally not a fan of this decision. 

Renee Young Apparently Doesn’t Know Her Husband 

Every time Dean Ambrose does something crazy, something most normal human beings would regret, Cole and/or Graves asks his wife Renee Young what’s up, why is Dean doing what he does? She never knows a damn thing. Why not let her play a small role in this rivalry? Have Seth Rollins question her himself and try to get answers out of her. Have her….oh, I don’t know, stick up for her husband? It just baffles me, she has the same dialogue every week when asked – “Only Dean knows what he’s doing, I have no idea, I don’t know, I have no answers.” Could just be me, but it would simply make more sense for her to actually have some sort of clue about her husbands actions. 

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