5 Things We Learned From RAW 11/19/18


WWE Added Stakes – Tonight on RAW, WWE made a match for the TLC PPV pitting Braun Strowman vs. Baron Corbin in a Tables Ladders & Chairs match. Braun has been advocating for a match with Corbin for the past couple weeks and he’s getting what he wants. What I liked about it in particular is the fact that they added stakes, they rightfully provided a reason to watch. Whereas usually they just put two random competitors against one another without any stakes whatsoever. Corbin and Strowman will compete in the match stated, but if Braun loses he’s no longer getting a shot at the Universal Championship; if Baron Corbin loses, he’s no longer an authority figure. It’s quite obvious Braun will win, but the additional stakes makes the match a little more watchable to say the least. It beats fighting over nothing, just utter bragging rights, I will say that.

Perfect Opportunity For A Bray Wyatt Return – Speaking of those individuals, they competed in a 6 man elimination tag tonight. It was Braun Strowman, Finn Balor and Elias against Baron Corbin and his partners Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley. After the predictable eliminations of Balor and Elias, the match ended abruptly, as Drew nailed Braun with a chair. Post-match, the trio brutally attacked Strowman and “shattered his elbow.” I believe it’s a perfect time for Bray Wyatt to return if they intend to keep Corbin with Drew and Bobby for a bit. Braun is without any real backup and it would make sense for them to come together, and it most of all gives Bray Wyatt something to do. You can even have the addition of Luke Harper as well, as Rowan is out with an injury. I however wouldn’t recommend it be a long-term Wyatt Family-esque run, as Braun is above them and ultimately works better alone, but right now, definitely, I say give it a go.

Renee Remains Clueless – Renee Young still remains unaware of her husbands decisions and actions. It’s utterly pointless at this point to have her coworkers continuously ask her questions about Dean Ambrose if it’s always the same “I don’t know” answer. My request still stands from last week – let her do something in this feud. Allow her to stick up for her significant other, have Rollins question her, something, or just don’t ask her at all. It’s not difficult.

Genuine Hatred For Nia Jax – Ever since Nia Jax legitimately injured Becky Lynch during the final RAW before Survivor Series, the mere mention of her name just makes the crowd livid and you feel it in the air when she’s out there competing as well, clearly – Survivor Series was a fine example. Of course it’s not the first time WWE has taken advantage of a real-life situation and made it apart of a storyline and used it as a way to garner heel heat. I definitely wouldn’t award poor work ethic and terrible awareness of your opponents well being, but WWE evidently disagrees with that sentiment, as they are really pushing Nia as this dominant force more than ever. I’m curious how long WWE will milk this “Facebreaker” thing.

Ronda Promised Revenge – The feud between Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey is seemingly far from over. Rousey made it crystal clear that she is getting her revenge on Charlotte when she is finished with Nia Jax at TLC. I assume that match will take place at the Royal Rumble. Unless they prolong this feud and book it for WrestleMania like they had planned all along. We’ll see. Obviously Becky Lynch fits in there somewhere as well, the only question is, which match comes first?

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