5 Things We Learned From RAW 12/10/18


Seth Rollins Speaking The Truth – Seth Rollins opened RAW tonight to share his thoughts on the state of the show. He called out General Manager-elect Baron Corbin so he could hear the complaints loud and clear. Seth basically blamed the decline in ratings, poor treatment of talent, the dreadful product as a whole, on Baron Corbin. Now, obviously Corbin isn’t the legitimate General Manager and holds no genuine power backstage, but the points that Rollins strongly expressed tonight made sense in the real world and couldn’t be any more true. The current product is a repetitive cesspool. We’ve seen Finn Balor vs. Baron Corbin how many times? How about Elias vs. Bobby Lashley? Bayley & Sasha Banks vs. The Riott Squad? You get the point. Rollins spat some truth, I thoroughly enjoyed his work on the mic tonight. I like when a little spice of reality is thrown into a promo. 

New RAW Tag Team Champions – Bobby Roode and Chad Gable faced AOP for the RAW Tag Team Championship tonight and were successful via a quick roll-up, thus becoming the brand new RAW Tag Team Champions. I’m in favor of this decision, but I’m also not. First off, AOP losing already is a disgrace, they should be dominating the division, especially looking at how weak it is. With that said, I also see a positive in this. This opens up an opportunity for Bobby Roode to turn on Chad Gable after they lose the titles, evidently turning heel in the process. I feel like it’s bound to happen – at least I want to feel that way. In my opinion, he should be in the main event picture, and this could quite possibly be the catalyst. 

Drew McIntyre Is On A Tear – Drew McIntyre faced his former tag team partner Dolph Ziggler last week, a match in which he lost. His first loss since returning to the WWE main roster mind you. He said tonight before his rematch with Dolph Ziggler, that the loss he suffered last week made him stronger and no one is destined to remain undefeated, not even himself. Also he said that the loss makes him an even more dangerous human being than he already is. After defeating Dolph Ziggler tonight, he attacked him outside the ring leaving Ziggler lying to end the segment. I wouldn’t have had Drew lose quite yet, but in no way is he ruined by that 1 loss. What he said is true – a wounded man, a man with nothing to lose, is a very dangerous man. A loss can fuel a man and its crystal clear that’s what is going on with the Scottish Psychopath. 

Heath Slater’s New Job – I’m not quite sure what the ultimate goal is with Heath Slater being a referee, I’d hope it’s something worthwhile, but that’s probably not the case. All he’s been this week was seemingly Baron Corbin’s personal assistant. Tonight, he attempted to help Corbin win the Intercontinental Title in his TLC match against Seth Rollins, but ultimately failed doing so. I’m guessing he will have consequences next week since he failed to assist Corbin, I don’t know. It just seems like that is the path they are taking with Slater from here on.

Seth Rollins Will Be “Put Through Hell” After TLC – During the opening segment tonight while Rollins was blaming Corbin for RAW’s constant misfortunes, Corbin said since Rollins wants to complain and is egging the whole situation on, he will be put through hell every single week on RAW until he quits. It looks like this is sort of the start of a big Rollins push that’ll lead to the rumored Universal Championship match with Brock Lesnar, I would assume so. Seth did mention Brock and his inability to show up to work, so perhaps that was the innuendo, a slight reference foreshadowing future plans for the two. From the looks of things, following TLC, Seth will be that babyface that goes against all odds and finds a way to overcome all obstacles. It’ll lead to a match with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. Seth may even win the Royal Rumble to get there, who knows. I’m just going to go out on a limb here and say that’s what they do. Seth Rollins will be put through hell on a weekly basis until the Royal Rumble, where he wins the 30-man match itself. Could be wrong, but that’s just my assumption at the very moment. 

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