5 Things We Learned From RAW 12/17/18


The McMahon Family Will Now Have “Full Control” of WWE – Vince McMahon was scheduled to “shake things up” tonight on RAW. That news left everyone wondering what exactly his return would entail. Well, he came out, followed by Stephanie McMahon, Triple H and Shane McMahon. They said they have let us fans down and haven’t dished out quality television in quite some time. Evident observations, of course. Anyway, they promised change in the coming months – new superstars, new faces, new matches, essentially a fresh product. Obviously, this is a believe-it-when-I-see-it sort of thing, so we’ll see how this ultimately turns out. Now, The McMahon’s being in charge isn’t exactly “change,” they’ve always been in control, but now they’re both legitimately and storyline-wise. And we’ve seen that all before with The Authority angle, so they need to offer more and hopefully everything goes well. But let’s not get our hopes up with high expectations.

New Superstars Are On The Way – Tonight, WWE notified us and informed fans that multiple superstars from NXT are on their way to the main roster. Those stars specifically being EC3, Lacey Evans, Nikki Cross, Heavy Machinery and the already advertised Lars Sullivan. Most call-ups are typically treated rather poorly on the main roster, but with this seemingly new regime the McMahon’s brought upon us, perhaps that will change? 

Sami Zayn And Kevin Owens Will Return Soon – A short video package, looking back on Sami Zayn’s most recent run was shown, and at the end of the brief video, there was a caption that stated Sami Zayn would be returning soon. The same happened for Kevin Owens later on in the night. We’ve already expected this, we didn’t need to see a video to prove it, but nonetheless it’s been a little while since we’ve seen Sami and Kevin, so it’ll be a breath of fresh air seeing them. Looking forward to their respective returns. 

The Revival Are #1 Contenders – Tonight, despite former champions AOP technically being owed an automatic rematch for the titles, Shane McMahon gave multiple tandems an opportunity. The Revival defeated AOP, B-Team and Lucha House Party to ensure a future RAW Tag Team Championship match with current RAW Tag Team Champions Bobby Roode and Chad Gable. This whole “change” announcement may be heading down the right path, The Revival are finally getting a proper chance at the tag titles. What a miracle!

Ronda Rousey’s Next Opponent Revealed – Ronda Rousey entered the ring tonight and said she was a fighting champion and champions should always be ready to fight rather they are in perfect condition or beaten and battered. She had an open challenge and called out anybody. The entire women’s division was then shown backstage arguing with one another for the opportunity, until Stephanie quickly put a stop to it and told the ladies to follow her out to the arena by Ronda. Stephanie then said she’s no longer playing favorites, everyone in the division is getting an opportunity tonight to earn a shot at the title, in an eight-woman gauntlet match – the winner of the match will receive their RAW Women’s Title shot next week. Natayla ultimately picked up the win, last defeating Sasha Banks. So, with that victory, she now has a date with her training partner and friend Ronda Rousey on next weeks Christmas edition of Monday Night RAW. 

Additional Takeaway:

Paul Heyman Will Return Next Week – As the show went off the air tonight, Michael Cole announced that Paul Heyman – the advocate for current Universal Champion Brock Lesnar – will be there next week to address the WWE Universe. 

I wouldn’t say tonight’s show felt significantly different than any other previous episode, but in no sense was it as poor as some of the episodes prior – I mean, those were absolutely terrible. The RAW in Milwaukee about a month ago was a great example of that – repetitiveness at its finest. At this very moment, I don’t expect anything huge to occur after the announcement the McMahon’s made tonight, we’ve been let down numerous times, but hopefully this whole situation is a genuine and real step in the right direction. As fans, we can only hope for the best.

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