5 Wrestling Tag Teams That Hated Each Other In Real Life


The members of a wrestling Tag Team are basically brothers. Most likely they travel together, eat together, share hotel rooms, train together, and get to know each other better than anybody else on the roster. The commitment that comes with making your team great is immense, and the superstars who can do that while disliking their partner, have taken professionalism to a whole new level.

Could you imagine being put into a Tag Team with a performer that you hated? Well, these five teams actually disliked each other in real life.


Honorable Mentions-

  • Tajiri and William Regal
  • Kawada and Misawa
  • Axl and Ian Rotten


5. The Eliminators

John Kronus and Perry Saturn combined equal one of the most intimidating and dominant Tag Teams in ECW history. Kronus, stood at 6 foot 4 inches and weighed in at 260 pounds, yet could pull off moves like Moonsaults and even a 450 Splash with surprising agility. Saturn on the other hand was the brawler of the group.

Despite what seemed like the perfect mix, the two didn’t get along outside the ring. In a nutshell, Saturn believed that Kronus didn’t take wrestling seriously and at times believed he was lazy. It is reported that despite three Tag Titles together, Saturn kept this pent up emotion to himself before eventually exploding and leaving for WCW.

Kronus sadly passed away in 2007, however, Saturn has admitted that they did share many good times.


4. Arn Anderson and Paul Roma

In WCW, The Four Horseman turned face for a short period of time, letting Paul Roma join the group in hopes that he would reach the level of his counterpart, Arn Anderson.

After a bit of time, it was clear that Roma couldn’t perform at the same level as Anderson, who is often considered as one of the most technically sound and hardest hitting wrestlers ever. Ric Flair claims that Roma was one of the groups “biggest missteps.” Roma on the other hand claims that the older veterans were just jealous of his “youth and impressive physique.”


3. The British Bulldogs

Despite being real life cousins, the original British Bulldogs at times, hated each other. Davey Boy Smith and The Dynamite Kid were one of the most unique attractions in WWF at the time of their existence. Their power and agility combined with their technical prowess created a well rounded team like nobody had seen at the time.

Although the Bulldogs won titles all around the world, Dynamite Kid apparently had a massive temper and horrible attitude which ultimately affected both members of the team. The brothers left the WWF, however, when Smith returned to the WWE, he trademarked the name “British Bulldog” leaving Dynamite Kid unable to use the name anymore. Ironically, Dynamite Kid is credited with inventing the team and name. The two never got along, continuing to fight until Smith died in 2002.


2. Rated RKO

A good team name doesn’t necessarily mean that the pairing is ideal. Already a 10-time champion, Edge desperately wanted to continue a singles career as WWE’s top heel. It didn’t help either that Orton was still considered immature and got in trouble numerous times for failing WWE’s Wellness Policy tests. Basically, the two different attitudes clashed as they were in different points in their careers. This caused constant tension, head butting, and bitterness. Now that the team is broken up, the two performers have made up and buried the hatchet.


1. The Rockers

Although Marty Jannetty is plenty talented himself, he obviously did not reach the stardom that his partner, Shawn Michaels did. After being fired in the 1980’s due to excessive partying, a return to the WWE was a second chance for the duo. Eventually, their relationship started to deteriorate. Both men thought that the other man was dead weight only holding them back.

Their real life feud ultimately climaxed after the two had a fist fight at a hotel. Roddy Piper instigated the fight after claiming that Shawn Michaels was the only member of the team with talent. From there, backstabbing, lying, and road troubles plagued their success. And then once upon a time, Michaels sent Jannetty through a barber shop window…

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