50 Loudest Wrestling Pops & Crowd Reactions.


John Cena Returns At The Royal Rumble.

Cena required surgery which was scheduled to leave him out for at least seven months. Vince stripped him of the title, ending the longest WWE title reign in 19 years. Only a few short months later, he showed up at Madison Square Garden as the last entrance of the Royal Rumble.

Paul Heyman Trolls Chicago.

Brock Lesnar Returns.

Lesnar had been away from wrestling for over five years and achieved a lot in the UFC, so for many fans the return of “The Beast” was a highly anticipated one.

Kurt Angle’s Milk Truck vs. The Alliance.

As a cheap, yet comedic parody of Austin’s beer truck moment, Kurt Angle showed up with a milk truck and embarrassed Steve Austin and the WCW/ECW alliance. (1:44)

Hulk Hogan Returns (2005)

Following a Hall of Fame ceremony which saw fans give Hogan a very welcoming ovation, and a cameo appearance at Wrestlemania, Hogan returned to Raw for the first time in a few years to save Shawn Michaels from Muhammad Hassan and Daivari. (1:00)

John Cena #1 Raw Draft Pick.

Chris Jericho sells this moment for me, as does the crowd. It wasn’t just about Cena going over to Raw, it was the WWE title jumping to Raw as well.

Mitsuharu Misawa vs. Toshiaki Kawada

Yes I included some Japanese matches! Here’s what many consider one of the greatest professional wrestling matches of all time.

Ultimate Warrior Answers Honky Tonk Man’s Open Challenge.

Honky Tonk Man got cocky and offered an IC title match in an open challenge. Sadly for Honky, The Ultimate Warrior had a huge following and they wanted to see him win the title. (0:40)

Shane Jumps Off The Titantron.

Shane “Stuntman” McMahon will forever be known as one of the craziest S.O.Bs in the history of WWE. Who jumps off a titantron to kill their opponent? Only Shane O’Mac.

Kane Returns With A Familiar Face.


Mitsuharu Misawa vs. Jumbo Tsurata

The legend of Misawa once again proves you can have a deafening crowd in Japanese wrestling.

Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin & The Rock At WMXXX.

Hi Hogan! Nice to see you. Thanks for botching by the way. OH MY GOD IT’S AUSTIN! It’s Hogan AND Stone Cold in the same ring … how could this get any better … “If you smeeeelllll”.

The Rock Saves Eugene.

The Rock returned to WWE in 2004 to put Coachman in his place.

Austin Returns To Raw Before Wrestlemania 23.

Vince McMahon was told there would be a special referee for the match between Lashley and Umaga with Donald Trump putting his hair on the line. His face tells the story.

Daniel Bryan Enters Royal Rumble Match.

Cesaro Wins Andre The Giant Battle Royal.


Surprise Stone Cold Return (2003)


Ultimate Warrior Saves Hogan At Wrestlemania.

After many disagreements over pay and merchandise, The Ultimate Warrior finally returned to the WWF at Wrestlemania VIII. -Video broken.

Goldberg Wins WCW World Heavyweight Title.

The Rock vs. Triple H (Backlash 2000)

And just when Vince thinks he’s getting his own way … -Video Broken

Stone Cold Helps Team WWF.

Stone Cold finally shows up to even the odds against the WCW/ECW invasion. Stunners … everywhere.

Dolph Ziggler Cashes In.

Chris Jericho “Wins” The WWF Title.

A fast count from Hebner shocked fans as it appeared Jericho won the WWF title for the first time. Sadly, because of the crooked referee .. the decision was reversed. (8:40)

Raven & Tommy Dreamer Win The ECW Tag Titles.

Too former rivals teamed up to take the tag titles, and the ECW fans couldn’t get enough.

Linda McMahon Stands Up At Wrestlemania.

In a rather ridiculous side story, Vince had ‘drugged’ his wife Linda and gave Trish Stratus the job of wheeling her around in a comatose state. At Wrestlemania, Trish Stratus revealed she’d had enough and turned on him.

Mr. McMahon wanted to beat up Shane in front of his wife, so he carried her in to the ring and sat her in the corner. But seen as Trish had stopped giving her medication .. (12:40)

Rob Van Dam Wins WWE & ECW Titles.

In one of the most controversial matches of all time, Rob Van was cheered like a god by the ECW faithful, while Cena was booed so hard you’d think he was the devil incarnate. -Video Broken

Kenta Kobashi Returns After Recovering From Cancer.

After battling cancer, Kobashi recovered after being out of wrestling over a year and fulfilled his promise to the fans.

Kurt Angle’s Ovation On Smackdown

Angle’s popularity was becoming more apparent each week, and it was topped off nicely by this unexpected ovation on Smackdown.

Hashimoto’s Brainbuster On Takada.

That finish though! (18:21) -Video Broken

Nikita Koloff Saves Dusty Rhodes And Forms The Super Powers

Dusty Rhodes and Nikita Koloff fought each other many times in their careers. So what a surprise for the crowd when the “Russian” came to help the American during the Cold War. (2:26)

Dusty Rhodes vs. Ric Flair (1986)

Impromptu match!

Crowd Loves Daniel Bryan During Unification Ceremony.

While Triple H wanted to talk about the importance of unifying the WWE and World titles in to one title, the crowd didn’t care and instead chanted “Daniel Bryan!” nonstop. The look on Bryan’s face and the reactions of others were priceless.

Austin + Zamboni = Fun

Daniel Bryan Turns On Bray Wyatt.

The night the fans realized Bryan was getting his deserved push. The way he did the slow .. “Yes!” chant, will stand the test of time.

Austin Pays Tribute To The Late Owen Hart.

In one of the most fitting tributes, the fans reacted well to the message delivered to his friend.

Sting Returns To Attack The New World Order.

The New World Order were getting away with everything, and the fans desperately needed Sting to return and take them down.

Monster Pop For Austin On Raw.

The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan

The Rock was supposed to be the face, and Hogan the heel, but the fans at Wrestlemania didn’t want that. The fans in Toronto loved the legend of Hulk Hogan so much they were going to support him all the way. It wasn’t a classic wrestling match, but the crowds reaction will forever cement it in history. -Video Broken

Austin Drowns The Corporation With Beer.

The Undertaker Returns!

After almost eight months out of action, The Undertaker returned with new entrance music, new look, and a new attitude.

Hogan Slams Andre The Giant.

Triple H Returns!

Triple H tore his left quad in a match with Chris Jericho and finished the match despite not being able to stand on it. He missed over eight months of action, completely missing the WWF vs. WCW/ECW invasion storyline. Upon his return he got a very warm reception.

British Bulldog vs. Bret Hart (Summerslam ’92)

Us Brits loved our Davey Boy .. so what better way to show our support than during his classic encounter with Bret Hart for the Intercontinental Championship? -Video Broken

Dean Malenko Unmasks To Challenge Chris Jericho.

Jericho was doing everything he could to stop Malenko challenging him for the Cruiserweight title. But this was at the height of Dean’s popularity, so he was going to find a way around Jericho’s shenanigans. (8:00)

The Sandman Returns To ECW.

I could also include his ECW One Night Stand 2005 entrance, but I think less of you will have seen this epic return. (8:00) -Video Broken

CM Punk Wins The WWE Title At Money In The Bank.

Hometown crowd. If Punk wins he’s quitting WWE with the belt. High stakes brings big reactions.

Countdown To The Millenium.

3 …. 2 …. 1

Bret Hart ‘Returns’.

Bret hadn’t been in WWE for years .. so one faithful night in Canada someone had fun at their expense.

Hogan Cries As The Hulkamaniacs Overwhelm.

This also happened on Raw; but he didn’t cry. The crowd showered the old man with love and he didn’t know what to say.

Austin Assists Mankind To Defeat The Rock For The WWF Title.

In one of the key moments of The Attitude Era, WCW had spoiled the event by saying their former talent Cactus Jack was winning the title, and that would certainly “put butts in seats”.

The Rock and The Corporation had been dominant and the fans really wanted to see Mankind pull out of the upset, so when Stone Cold showed up .. every single fan in attendance stood up out of their seats in joy. I can’t think of a bigger pop than that! Thanks for reading, watching, listening, and appreciating the efforts. See you again!

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