6 sides of HAPPINESS and Raw was ok.


I am so happy the 6 sided ring is back in TNA. I dont know if it will make the product any better but i sure hope it does. TNA saw their greatest success when the 6 sided ring was in use. It set them apart from other promotions.  Now onto RAW. The highlight of the night for me was the Dolph Ziggler vs. Wade “Bad News” Barrett. Dean Ambrose was channeling The Loose Cannon Brian Pillman.  What was the deal with that harmonica music when Harper and Rowan came out for their match with The Uso’s.  Please tell me that’s not permanent. Bo Dallas I bo lieve he should get that weak Tebow imitation back to NXT and get a new gimmick. Loved the whole Vickie and Stephanie thing.  That questionable brown ooze in the pool was classic. I just wish Vickie had got in a few shots on Steph before it was all said and done. That poor ref got slimed. LOL  Kane destroying everyone was cool. Roman Reigns what can i say, he is a Samoan power house.  Big E needs to destroy Rusev and his little mouth piece Lana can just go away quietly. I think the Funkadactyls will break up soon.  Seth Rollins is a deluded individual to think he is “next in line” or the cho cho chosen one so to speak. Seth is going to be used up and thrown away and either Orton or Cena will be champ. Yippee  I was dissapointed with the outcome of Rollins vs RVD. I wanted to see who could have won. Swagger needs to shed himself of Zeb or he will forever languish in mediocrity. I absolutely loved Cesaro’s crack on Del Rio something like “I only speak 5 languages and loser isn’t one of them”.  Sandow Entertaining eh, “Can we be serious for a moment”. Lance Storm was more entertaining than Sandow. Oh well thats my random and scattered Raw report. Ariba la raza Thank you Vickie Guerrero for many years of entertainment. Until next time This is the Black Mamba Signing off. 🙂 <3

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