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6 Superstar Ratings WWE 2K22 Got Totally Wrong


With the upcoming release of WWE 2K22, it has been well over two years since we had a new WWE game to sink our teeth into—and even longer if you are fond of games that, you know, actually function as a video game and not a constant stream of glitches.

In previous years, I have tried to avoid as much information as I could about the upcoming games, so I can experience it for myself first-hand on release day. This is undoubtedly what led to me spending far too much money on the special edition of 2K20 and the protracted period of disappointment that followed.


But this year, there has been so much hype surrounding 2K22’s release I’ve found myself drawn in.

I’ve watched videos about the gameplay, deep dives on the returning General Manager mode (which has me as excited as Goldberg when he finds out there’s another Saudi Premium Live Event planned) and most recently, someone sent me a list of all the Superstar ratings for this year’s iteration of the game.

Why are 2K22 ratings important?

Normally, Superstar ratings aren’t something I would lose much sleep over. I’ve found the effects on gameplay are usually negligible – unless there is a real disparity between the two (or more) Superstars competing in the ring – or you have the difficulty cranked all the way up.

However, this year, the aforementioned General Manager mode is back. From what I’ve seen, Superstar ratings will have a part to play when constructing the perfect roster. That means—for me at least—they suddenly have a new relevance.

Which is why I decided my first foray here on eWrestlingNews would be to pick out six roster members I think have either been done dirty, or have had the wrestling gods smile upon them with a very generous score. But before I dive in…

Nice to Meet You

Hello by the way, I’m Jay! As I just mentioned, this is my first article on eWrestlingNews, having spent the last 14 looking after WWEBlog. I’m really excited to have been given the opportunity to apply my trade on such a well established site.

I realise I’ve not made things easy for myself by choosing such a potentially contentious issue right out of the gate, and I’m well aware not everyone (or quite possibly no one) will agree with me, but that’s cool.

One of the things I love about pro wrestling is that everyone has an opinion, and whether what I write has you nodding in agreement or turning puce with rage please just remember that’s all it is—my opinion.


  • I’m considering Superstar ratings to be an “all round” score, incorporating traits such as star power and presence alongside in-ring ability. That feels like a fair assumption given, for example, Andre the Giant and Shinsuke Nakamura are both rated 88.
  • For current roster members, I’m basing this on the last year or so. It’s hard to say when the roster cut-off was, so I’ll try to keep things as broad as possible.
  • I’m not familiar with the majority of the NXT roster, as my schedule up to this point hasn’t allowed me to give it the attention it deserves. As a result, I don’t have the knowledge to make a fair judgement, so I won’t be covering anyone who hasn’t been on the Raw/SmackDown brands.
  • You may notice there are no women in this list. Please don’t read too much into that. I just think 2K got the majority of the women’s ratings there or thereabouts based on the criteria above.
  • I could have made this list five times longer than it is. There are quite a few people on the roster I think deserve a bump in their stats, but I had to draw the line somewhere and settled on six. I will make a few “honourable mentions” as I go through, but if I didn’t pick up on someone that you did I can only apologise, feel free to add them in the comments!

Underrated: The Alpha Academy: Chad Gable (76) and Otis (77)

I know, I know! I’m starting out by cheating a bit with a two for the price of one!

The first 2K22 Superstar rating that really stood out for me as I scanned down the list was Otis, and a 77 felt insulting. Then, I looked at Chad Gable and saw he was a 76.

To throw a bit of context in there; Otis is five points lower than Ivar (81) and Chad is three points lower than Dominik Mysterio (79).

Dominik. Mysterio.

I’m not arguing that Ivar or Dom should have lower ratings, but I certainly think Otis and Chad should be breaking 80 for 2K22.

I’m a big fan of Otis, which probably makes me bias, but I think joining The Alpha Academy has given him the chance to show what he’s really capable of—something he perhaps wasn’t able to do as part of Heavy Machinery, running around giving out joints of ham and doing The Caterpillar.

Why do I think their ratings are so low? I assume the numbers were decided when Otis was in the slump between winning Money in the Bank, and the formation of The Alpha Academy.

Overrated: Demon Finn Balor (90)

I’m no big fan of Finn Balor (88), I won’t try and hide the fact, but this isn’t really a slight on him or the Demon King persona.

Given the way Balor is pushed, I’d agree he deserves a score in the mid to high 80s, and that it makes sense that the more robust Demon King character should have a slight improvement somewhere. But my issue is actually with the way 2K implements what are essentially alternate attires.

Certain characters, I understand. I don’t particularly like it, but I understand.

“American Badass” Undertaker is so far removed from “Ministry” Undertaker that it makes sense. They have different music, entrances, attires and movesets.

But Finn Balor and The Demon aren’t all that different, and I think they could have been implemented as alternate attires with the same ratings, but varying special abilities like the Comeback attribute.

Another example of this is X-Pac (85) and Syxx (88). I suspect this is because Syxx is a pre-order bonus, and 2K felt obliged to make him better than his “free” counterpart. The game developers would have probably caught some flack if fans thought they were paying for an additional attire, rather than another full roster member.

In any case, Demon Finn Balor IS still a little overpowered in my opinion. He has a higher Superstar rating than Shawn Michaels for example, which brings me nicely to…

Underrated: Shawn Michaels (88)

No matter your opinion of HBK, it’s fair to say he is one of the best WWE has ever seen.

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