7 WWE Evolution Takeaways, Thoughts


Hey there, last night was the historic WWE Evolution event and it had a few rather interesting takeaways and thought-provoking moments that I’d like to shed some light on, so here we go. 

Nia Jax Is #1 Contender


Despite what most wanted upon the conclusion of the battle royal – Ember Moon winning the match – Nia Jax won the battle royal to earn a future RAW Women’s Championship match against Ronda Rousey. I’m puzzled as to why they went in this direction, as we’ve already seen that match. Granted we didn’t really receive proper closure during their initial encounter, since Alexa Bliss cashed in during the clash, so I guess we’ll see what they do this time around with Nia and Ronda. 

Split Teased Between Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville

To start off the battle royal last night, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville were working well as a unit, eliminating a couple participants. That was until Mandy pushed Sonya off the apron resulting in her elimination. Perhaps it’s just the typical circumstance during a battle royal – team member A eliminates team member B and both later laugh it off and make up the very next day – or they are possibly planning a singles push for one of the two (or both, I guess). In this case…well, the Mandy Rose singles push is inevitable. Definitely. She fits the WWE mold and will eventually be pushed accordingly I would assume. Maybe last night was the start? If it indeed was, good grief, hopefully the company works on a new theme song for her in the process.

R Truth & Carmella Mesh Well Together

Say what you will about R Truth and Carmella individually, but as a tandem they click. It’s by no means perfect, at times, in fact, can be cringeworthy, it’s not going to be a home run every single time, but they look comfortable with each other and work well together. We seen more interaction between the two during the kickoff show last night when Truth claimed he was apart of the battle royal and would face Carmella for the title after he won it. It was a funny little bit, I guess. All in all, Carmella seems content in her new role and Truth looks happy to be back. I dislike their dance break crap, but other than that, their run together thus far has been moderately good. 

New NXT Women’s Champion

My belief was that Kairi Sane would retain the title and elevate the NXT women’s division while Shayna Baszler moved up to the main roster, but I was evidently wrong. Baszler defeated Sane to reclaim the NXT Women’s Championship with help from fellow horsewomen Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke. Looks like there’s another chapter in the Sane and Baszler story with the two others now involved. Looking forward to whatever is next. 

Mae Young Classic Finals

I didn’t touch on this match on my Evolution predictions article, but my money was on Io Shirai – I thought for sure she would won. However, she obviously didn’t, but I am not complaining, the winner of this years tournament Toni Storm is great, I absolutely love her. She’s incredible, and so is Io. I wish they had a lengthy match, they truly deserved it, but it was good for what it was. Hopefully WWE treats these women well and books them appropriately for as long as they are around. 

Becky Lynch Is A Star

Of course, we always knew Becky was a great wrestler and dearly loved by the fans, but as I stated in a previous article – rather you like her or not, rather you prefer her as a babyface or as a heel, cheer or boo her, whatever – she’s been doing a splendid job in her new role with a new attitude. She’s carrying herself like the champion she is, she’s kicking ass and taking names, however the hell want to put it. It’s fresh, it’s new. It’s something to look forward to every Tuesday. Last night, Becky and Charlotte competed in a Last Women Standing Match, which – aside from referee Mike Chioda  mistakenly counting while Charlotte was clearly on her feet and ever so subtly kicking a chair over to Becky – was fantastic. They told a great story. I wonder what is next for the Lass Kicker. Will she continue with Charlotte or is that book closed for now? I initially thought it was time to move away from that, but after witnessing their match last night in particular, I’m intrigued. I’d be okay with the continuation of this feud. Whatever that booking decision may be (prolong the rivalry or put it to rest), I’m certain we’ll have a finer understanding and indication this Tuesday on SmackDown. 

Ronda Rousey Humanized 

Ronda Rousey faced Nikki Bella in the main event of Evolution for the RAW Women’s Championship and as expected, retained. Here’s the thing, though – in my opinion, it lasted too long. It wasn’t the worst match you’re ever going to see, it was actually surprisingly decent to say the least, but the amount of time they were given was completely unnecessary. Rousey should’ve beaten Nikki in under 5 minutes. I mean, in kayfabe, she humbles an entire male security team almost on a weekly basis. If she can wreck those dudes simultaneously, Nikki Bella should be no issue. That’s just my two cents regarding that topic. 

That’s it. Thanks for reading. 

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