7 WWE Records That Will Never Be Broken


Numbers don’t lie, however some of WWE’s most historic records are unbelievable — from winning streaks and championship totals, to time limits and ratings, WWE boasts some incredible records that will never be broken.

Lets take a look at a few of those records….


7. Asuka: Longest Undefeated Streak


The current NXT Women’s Champion, Asuka, has broken what was a seemingly unbreakable record. During the glory days of WCW, Bill Goldberg racked up an astounding record of 173-0. After decades of his record holding the measuring stick for all others, Goldberg finally passed down the torch to Asuka after her 174-0 NXT run. The record, as of May, 29th, 2017, still stands as 174+ -0.


6. Santino Marella: Shortest Royal Rumble Time


The “Milan Miracle” and former US and IC Champion lands the number six spot on our list. This is a record, however, that no wrestler wants to beat. Santino Marella entered the Royal Rumble match at #28, only to enter the ring and be immediately thrown out by Kane. He lasted a whopping 1.9 seconds, a record that should hold for awhile.


5. The Rock: Shortest Match


Who else but Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would have the shortest match in pro wrestling history. The Rock squared off against Big Bossman, in literally the shortest match possible. The match lasted three seconds with Rock rolling up Bossman as the bell rang, resulting in an immediate three-count. Three seconds will forever be the record.


4. The Undertaker: The Streak


At the biggest wrestling show of the year, Undertaker managed to go 21 years without suffering a loss. Beating all-time greats such as HHH, Ric Flair, and Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker’s streak was and still is a truly amazing feat. Taker’s streak was finally broken after Brock Lesnar hit Taker with the F-5 three times, before executing the most shocking pin in wrestling history and ending the streak at WM 30. Today, Undertaker’s Wrestlemania record is 23-2, after losing to Roman Reign’s at Wrestlemania 33.


3.  Doctor Death Steve Williams/Andre The Giant: Longest Undefeated Streak



Well, obviously, the man above is Andre The Giant. Billed at 7’4″, and almost 600 pounds, the title over his shoulder looks like a child’s toy. He claims to have had a winning streak that lasted 15 years! Because Andre was known to exaggerate (just look at the story about him drinking 150+ beers in one sitting), and most of the matches he says took place during this streak were never documented, it’s an unofficial record.

Officially, the longest undefeated streak belongs Dr. Death (Steve Williams): 10 years long!


2. Bruno Sammartino: Longest World Title Reign


Bruno Sammartino, now a WWE HOF, boasts the record for the longest World Title reign, beginning in 1963, when he defeated the”Nature Boy”, Buddy Rodgers, in a mere 48 seconds. He remained champion for eight years, until Ivan Koloff pinned him in the MSG. His first reign lasted 2,803 days, which still remains the longest of all time. If that wasn’t enough, Bruno went on to win the title again. In 1973, he defeated Stan Stasiak and held the title for four more years. After sickness and a broken neck, Sammartino notified Vince McMahon Sr. that he was finished. In total, he held the world title for 4,040 days! That’s more than 11 years.


1. The Fabulous Moolah: Longest Title Reign In Wrestling


Ahh. The Fabulous Moolah. Readers, if you aren’t aware of this record, please prepare yourselves.


The Fabulous Moolah held the Women’s Title from 1956-1984. That’s 28 years, or 10,170 days. Enough said.

Honorable Mentions-

  • Triple H- Shortest Title Reign (under one minute)
  • Hulk Hogan vs Andre The Giant- Most Viewers (33 million)
  • Ric Flair- Total World Championships (16 confirmed, 23 unconfirmed)
  • Honky Tonk Man- Longest IC Champ (454 days)
  • Ultimate Dragon- Most Titles Held At Once (10) (Non-WWE)
  • Most Ring Breaks- Big Show (3)
  • Longest Match- Chris Hero vs Rich Swann (190 Minutes) (Non WWE)
  • Highest Attendance- WCW/NJPW (190,000) (Non WWE)

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