72 Real-Life Wrestling Relationships In Pictures (1/3)


With shows happening all year around, there often isn’t time for dating. So it’s understandable that many wrestling relationships spring up on the road. Some may blossom in to marriage and living happily ever after with kids. Others may fizzle out quietly, or end with a thunderous crash. Since wrestling news sites became a thing, they have drawn the curtain back on the wrestling world, as they are quick to share the latest scoops of who is dating whom. After some digging around, it surprised me to find out there are at least 72 current wrestling couples!

With that said, I chose not to include Liv Morgan/Tyler Bate or Cesaro/Sara Del Ray, because there isn’t anything confirming these relationships outside of 2+ year old reports. There are likely more, but I reckon some relationships are close kept secrets to anyone who knows. What I am trying to portray by sharing this list is how much wrestling brings people together. I hope you can feel the love tonight (yes, that’s The Lion King), as I bring to you this staggering aviary of love birds in picture form.

1. Adam Cole & Britt Baker

Some undisputed facts for you: a) Adam Cole is the longest reigning WWE NXT Champion of all time, and b) Britt Baker is both an AEW Wrestler and dentist! What an amazing pair.

The cool thing about Baker is she’s the only AEW talent who comes to NXT to see her partner perform. She is also the one wrestler to have appeared on both shows, although NXT showing her face on camera was said to be accidental.

2. Aiden English & Shaul Guerrero {Married}

It has been known for years that Aiden English married in to the Guerrero family. Shaul is the daughter of the legendary Eddie Guerrero and widow Vickie Guerrero. She wrestled in WWE’s FCW & NXT development territories, til she left in 2014 to deal with an eating disorder. In 2020, she announced for the AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament.

Aiden English is a former tag team wrestler in WWE, before moving on to a commentary role. He was released earlier this year with many others due to cutbacks amid the coronavirus pandemic.

3. Aleister Black & Zelina Vega {Married}

They may have known each other beforehand, but it was their time in NXT which led them along the path to marriage.

They tied the knot in 2018 and have since enjoyed success on WWE’s Raw brand; although WWE likes to keep their characters apart where possible. They recently stated an interest in working together in the near future, but is not something they will push for.

4. Allie & The Blade {Married}

While Impact Wrestling fans experienced The Blade (going by the name Braxton Sutter) being set up to marry Laurel Van Ness (AKA Chelsea Green) in an awkward storyline, it should be known that he & Allie were married in 2013; two years before they signed with Impact. Going by the names Cherry Bomb & Pepper Parks, they found each other on the independent scene and fell in love.

5. Awesome Kong & Dan Ouellette {Married} (?)

It isn’t easy finding information on the couple, but there are some reports they were engaged in 2011 and was married later; although it is not confirmed.

Dan Ouellette is an independent wrestler, while Awesome Kong is known for her run in TNA Wrestling. Ouellette regularly shares her tweets to his page, so it’s clear the relationship is alive and kicking.

6. Bayley & Aaron Solow *Engaged*

Debuting as a professional wrestler in 2008, Bayley was introduced to Aaron Solow. By 2010 she was 21-years-old, and they got together and have been ever since.

Bayley got her big break in WWE in 2012, but the couple stayed together despite her moving on from the independents. By 2016 they were engaged. In 2018, Solow posted the following to Twitter, sharing his feelings about fans only caring about him being engaged to Bayley, instead of appreciating his skills. Reby Hardy responded by saying that’s the life of most females who marry a guy who is popular in the business.

7. Booker T & Sharmell {Married}

King Booker & Queen Sharmell are one of the most well-known acts here, having worked as a duo on-screen for WWE & TNA.

Many may remember Sharmell for repeatedly announcing “KING BOOKER!”, although she did also wrestle occasionally. They have been married since 2005 and have 3 children. Now can you dig that, sucka?!!

8. Bray Wyatt & JoJo

Their relationship was a little controversial as it began as an affair. Wyatt’s divorce from his wife looked like it could get messy, but mediation was set up and they were able to work through their differences. While Bray & JoJo do have children together, they are not married or are engaged to be.

JoJo is known for her ring announcing and singing, and wrestled a couple of matches after debuting on Total Divas. Braun Strowman was named as the godfather to their son Knash. Their daughter Hyne was born in May.

9. Brian Cage & Melissa Santos {Married}

Brian & Melissa first met during their time in Lucha Underground in 2016. After moving on to Impact Wrestling, they were married in 2019, and also had a humorous mock wedding on TV conducted by Father James Mitchell.

Melissa has worked primarily as a ring announcer, although she has taken part in two matches. She also serves as the host for Impact’s Twitch channel. Although Brian Cage has moved on to AEW, he makes sporadic appearances on the Twitch channel because Melissa broadcasts live from their family home.

10. Brian Kendrick & Taylor Matheny {Married}

I could not find any pictures of the couple together. Many will know who Brian Kendrick is, but Taylor Matheny not so much. For anyone who remembers the first-ever Tough Enough, she lost in the Final to Nidia (manager of Jamie Noble).

Unlike winners and runner-ups Nidia, Maven, Josh Mathews & Christopher Nowinski, WWE did not give her a role in the company. The last time we saw her on anything related to WWE was in a YouTube video of Kendrick training Eva Marie. They do not appear to have any children together, but have been married since 2008.

11. Brock Lesnar & Sable {Married}

It seems likely that their relationship began late in to their WWE runs. Conveniently, they both left WWE in 2004, and appeared in New Japan Pro Wrestling together in 2006.

They have since had two children together, although Brock has twins to his former wife, and Sable has a daughter to her first husband (not Marc Mero, she has been married three times). The key thing to take away from their relationship is they like their privacy living on a farm in Maryfield, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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