72 Real-Life Wrestling Relationships In Pictures (2/3)


As promised, here is the second volume of a mini-series looking at 72 wrestling relationships. All of these wrestling couples are featured in picture form. Check the link for a more detailed introduction and the first 24 couples: Volume #1

25. Io Shirai & Evil *Engaged* (?)

While it has been reported that NXT’s Io Shirai and New Japan’s Evil are engaged to be married, there isn’t much I can find to confirm their existing relationship. They live on different continents, so if it’s true it must be difficult on them.

I only include this pairing in case there is something I’ve missed; which is possible because I can’t read Japanese. It is just as possible that this is an inside joke, seeing as Io Shirai’s nickname is “Evil Of The Sky”.

26. Jake Crist & Neveah {Married}

Jake Crist & Neveah are childhood sweethearts. They were happily married in 2013 and have two kids. Crist is a former Impact X-Division Champion, but has recently disappeared from TV after his brother Dave Crist was fired after sex abuse allegations came to light.

Neveah has been wrestling since 2004, but finally got her big break in Impact this year, teaming with longtime friend Havok.

27. Jeff & Karen Jarrett {Married}

Karen is known for being married to Kurt Angle and has two children with him. Some controversy hit TNA Wrestling in 2009, as it was revealed that not too long after Karen had filed for divorce, she started a new relationship with Jeff Jarrett. After finding out, Dixie Carter made Jeff take a leave of absence in 2009. They were soon engaged and married the following year.

The real-life heat between Kurt, Jeff & Karen eventually turned in to a TV angle in 2011. There was a rumor they had an affair, but it was later said this wasn’t the case as Kurt & Karen were separated. The Jarrett’s went on to form Global Force Wrestling, but lost their business investment after merging with Impact Wrestling. In late-2017, they found a way around it and brought back Global Force Wrestling.

28. Jimmy Uso & Naomi {Married}

Having grown up in WWE’s developmental system FCW and getting promoted to the main roster in the early 2010’s, Jimmy & Naomi formed a relationship. In 2014, they were married on the island of Maui.

They do not have any children together, but take care of Jimmy’s two children from his first marriage. Both have enjoyed championship reigns in WWE, although they’ve had their struggles with Jimmy’s legal issues stemming from several DUI’s.

29. John Morrison & Taya Valkyrie {Married}

After leaving WWE in 2011, Morrison worked on the independent scene. He likely met Taya Valkyrie in Lucha Underground or Mexico’s AAA in 2014 or 2015, and the relationship grew for at least two years before they got married. They both signed with Impact Wrestling in 2017 and found great success. In 2019, they became a power couple as John held the Impact World Championship at the same time as Taya won the Impact Knockouts Championship.

As villains, they lorded over the promotion for a while. After John lost the title and returned to WWE, Valkyrie carried on and became the longest reigning Knockouts Champion of all time. Morrison hopes his wife will join him one day in WWE, but she’s happy staying with Impact til she is sure WWE will use her in a prominent role.

30. Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae {Married}

Much like Eddie & Alisha Edwards, Johnny & Candice are a veteran couple in the business. LeRae debuted in 2002, and Gargano in 2005. Before signing with WWE’s NXT brand, they are known for working intergender matches with and against each other. They featured in a documentary discussing their dynamic.

In recent times, WWE has paired them up on TV as obnoxious heels, occasionally taking us to their home. Before this, Gargano is arguably known as the most successful wrestler in NXT history, and for his critically acclaimed feud with long-time friend Tommaso Ciampa.

Wrestling Relationships31. Jon Moxley & Renee Young {Married}

During the early days of The Shield’s run on the main roster in 2013, Renee Young debuted in NXT as a backstage interviewer. She also co-hosted main roster PPVs. Moxley and Young met and their relationship did not become public knowledge for a while, likely because Moxley doesn’t use social media. In 2017, they finally tied the knot in an impromptu ceremony. When Moxley left for AEW, it was speculated that WWE would somehow punish Young; but she has recently said that nothing changed. Earlier this year, after getting COVID-19 and revealing it to the world, it was reported she had heat with the company as she was not meant to share her diagnosis.

Renee was reportedly upset that WWE did not call to ask if she was alright a couple of weeks later. Jon Moxley’s AEW title defense had to be postponed as he isolated with her. AEW allowed Taz to take a shot at WWE’s handling of the pandemic, by labeling it a “sloppy shop”. Young announced her amicable departure from WWE in August, leaving after SummerSlam. WWE gave her a proper sendoff, with other hosts (Charly Caruso, JBL etc.) who thanked her for doing an amazing job. She cited her reasons for leaving as having accomplished everything she could, as well as the cancellation of WWE Backstage.

Wrestling Relationships32. Jordynne Grace & Jonathan Gresham *Engaged*

It’s difficult to say where they met, but they worked the independent scene long before they signed their current deals. Grace is the current Impact Knockouts Champion, ending the longest ever reign of Taya Valkyrie. Jonathan Gresham is the current ROH World Tag Team Champion with Jay Lethal, and is also known to have portrayed Suicide in Impact Wrestling for a short time. They announced their engagement in 2018.

Wrestling Relationships33. Karrion Kross & Scarlett

One of the hottest acts in wrestling in more ways than one, Karrion Kross (fka Killer Kross) & Scarlett (Bordeaux) are destined to create history at each other’s side. Kross recently won the NXT Championship from Keith Lee, but had to vacate it due to an unfortunate injury. And while Scarlett has spent much of her recent years as a manager, she is a wrestler and can work well if needed.

They are more than eye candy, as the pair have natural charisma and will be a domineering force on WWE’s main roster if they can maintain their aura. Together, they have one of the best entrances in the business today. And the crazy thing is… they have yet to showcase their masterpiece in front of an audience. Tick Tock! Time is ticking til they break out in a huge way.

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