72 Real-Life Wrestling Relationships In Pictures (3/3)


As promised, here is the last volume of a mini-series looking at 72 wrestling relationships. These wrestling couples are featured in picture form. Check the links for a more detailed introduction and the first 48 couples: Volume #1Volume #2

Wrestling Relationships49. Rhea Ripley & Demetri “Action” Jackson

Our next couple is Rhea Ripley and independent wrestler/trainer Demetri Jackson. The relationship hasn’t been much of a secret, but they only officially let the world know back in October.

As Jackson works as a trainer, they have been seen regularly working out together. You can tell from pictures and posts they are loving life, and much like Peyton Royce & Shawn Spears, there is an age gap of roughly 11 years. But it’s not the age that matters… it’s how someone makes you feel. And it’s clear they couldn’t be any happier!

Wrestling Relationships50. Rich Swann & Su Yung {Married}

Yes Rich, we make the same face when we see Su Yung looking like a normal human being. Although, if anyone has watched Impact Wrestling lately, they will know she is currently playing “Susie”, who is a more of a human character (with the mentality of a child) with a split personality.

There was controversy in their relationship a couple of years ago, when Swann was arrested for apparently forcing her in to a car after a dispute. He was let go because there wasn’t enough evidence, and Su did not want to press charges. Since then, there have been no further reports, and it is assumed they are as happy together as they are in the picture.

Wrestling Relationships51. Ricochet & Kacy Catanzaro

Would I be wrong if I said they are the most athletic couple in the business? Ricochet is one of the greatest high-flyers in the world, while Catanzaro got to the final of American Ninja Warrior. I can’t pinpoint when this relationship began, but again… it’s likely NXT being the culprit.

What is it with NXT anyway? It’s a real love nest at the WWE Performance Center. They have been seen together in public for a while, so they haven’t been hiding the fact, but they don’t really talk about it either. They have shared their collective love for workouts in WWE videos.

Wrestling Relationships52. Rob Van Dam & Katie Forbes

From the most athletic to the raunchiest, Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes are the least shy couple we have ever seen on TV. When they aren’t snogging each other’s faces off, Forbes is shaking her big booty in his face as they enjoy a Jacuzzi with drinks. Not only that, but Katie has her own “girlfriend” called Jennifer Barlow, forming a sexy triangle between them. This triangle got Impact in a ton of trouble with their Twitch streaming service, as a steamy hot segment showed RVD, Forbes and Barlow enjoying whipped cream in bed.

It was implied that the two girls were doing things to Rob under the sheets (they probably were) as he cut a promo. This got Impact banned from Twitch for several weeks, which RVD & Katie found hilarious. Since returning, the couple has toned it down a little… but probably not enough for some viewers. When they aren’t getting it on or complaining about social media comments, they sporadically manage each other’s matches.

Wrestling Relationships53. Roderick Strong & Marina Shafir {Married}

I’m not sure how they met, but they were married in 2015, a few years before Shafir got to NXT. For anyone who doesn’t know, she is one of the Four Horsewomen of MMA with Jessamyn Duke, Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey. As for Roderick Strong, for years he was one of the most loyal, hardworking wrestlers in the history of Ring Of Honor.

So much so, it might have come as a bit of a shock when he left ROH for NXT. He is an undisputed 20-year veteran and a member of Adam Cole’s Undisputed Era stable, while Shafir is still relatively inexperienced with wrestling. We last saw her winning a match on Raw Underground, so we’ll likely be seeing her again soon.

Wrestling Relationships54. Ruby Riott & Cousin Jake

There is little mention of their relationship anywhere, but it exists. Most will know Ruby Riott for her time in WWE as the leader of the Riott Squad, but Cousin Jake (aka Jake Something) will only be known to Impact Wrestling fans; working as one-half of The Deaners tag team.

Wrestling Relationships55. Rusev (Miro) & Lana {Married}

One of the most well-known couples in wrestling. Lana originally worked with a Russian accent, and Rusev was more of a monstrous brute. Over time, the dynamic changed and WWE dropped their partnership on TV. During a time when Rusev was being managed by Summer Rae, Rusev & Lana went ahead and got married in real-life and posted it all over social media. It destroyed the storyline WWE had planned and got them some heat.

They never recovered from this, even when “Rusev Day” became popular, because WWE wasn’t willing (or could understand) to capitalize on it. The TV relationship changed again when they got “divorced” and Lana married Lashley. Rusev was unexpectedly released earlier this year, putting an end to any resolution. Lana was dropped as Lashley’s wife and manager in favor of MVP, and has since paired up with Natalya. Rusev debuted two weeks ago for AEW, going by “Miro”, which is short for his real name Miroslav.

56. Sasha Banks & Sarath Ton {Married}

After an incredible run in NXT, Sasha Banks debuted on the main roster in 2016. Later the same year, she married retired wrestler and costume designer Sarath Ton. He had wrestled for WWE as “Mikaze” but suffered a major injury which forced him to retire, so WWE offered him the costume designer job. He makes not only costumes for Banks, but for many WWE Superstars. Sasha said the following about his work completing her wrestling image:

“I haven’t been able to pick out what colors I wanted or scheme,” said Banks. “I just had him do it because now he knows what I want. He envisions it. I just tell him, ‘I want to look the best, the greatest. Just do your thing,’ and he always makes me look amazing.”

57. Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch *Engaged*

Another well-documented relationship in WWE is that of Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch. At one point last year, they worked together as champions of the Raw brand. Whether it worked is up for debate, but the main thing is that Rollins & Lynch have found happiness in each other.

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