72 Real-Life Wrestling Relationships In Pictures (3/3)


She is undefeated on NWA programming and looked set to challenge Thunder Rosa for the NWA Women’s Championship before Powerrr was cut. Kamille is also known as the former girlfriend of Braun Strowman. In the above picture, we can see Latimer & Kamille recreating the Randy Savage & Miss Elizabeth beach photo. On September 27th, they announced their engagement on Twitter.

63. Tommy Dreamer & Beulah McGillicutty {Married}

As the love story of ECW, Tommy & Beulah were destined to be together forever. And in 2002, over a year after ECW closed its doors, they married and have been together for 18 years. They have twin daughters, who appeared on an episode of The Soprano’s. It is known that Dreamer’s family has connections to the New York mafia.

Dreamer continues working as a wrestler for Impact Wrestling, and for his own promotion House Of Hardcore (which appeared on the comedy show “Impractical Jokers” as a punishment for Q). Beulah is a writer of children’s books, releasing her first book titled “Gertrude the Great” in 2012.

Wrestling Relationships64. Toni Storm & Juice Robinson

In June 2020, a Twitter post revealed that Toni Storm & Juice Robinson are dating. There haven’t been any updates since then, so we can assume they are still together. Toni is known to NXT & NXT UK fans especially, as a former NXT UK Women’s Champion and Mae Young Classic winner.

Going by the name CJ Parker, Robinson was one of the longest serving NXT enhancement talents til his release in 2015. Since then, he has worked for New Japan Pro Wrestling & Ring Of Honor as Juice Robinson, picking up IWGP Tag Team titles with Fit Finlay’s son, David Finlay, and achieving singles success as a two-time IWGP United States Champion.

65. Triple H & Stephanie McMahon {Married}

Arguably the most well-known couple in the history of wrestling. Since Triple H abducted Stephanie McMahon and married her in Las Vegas (in storyline), real-life love bloomed. After lording over WWE as its first power couple, they tied the knot for real in 2003. They have three daughters together.

There was a degree of controversy though, as Chyna claimed they were seeing each other while she was still with Triple H. He later denied these allegations, and the friction between them was never resolved. There isn’t much else to say, because the WWE Network recently documented Triple H’s life and they explained his relationship with Stephanie better than I could.

Wrestling Relationships66. Tyler Breeze & Audrey Marie {Married}

Above, we can see Xavier Woods (left), Audrey Marie (middle) and Tyler Breeze (right). As far as I can tell from looking around, they were never a team… although it looks like they are. I can find no records of Breeze & Woods teaming together, and Audrey spent much of her time wrestling. She was a mainstay in FCW and NXT between 2012-2013, becoming FCW Florida Divas Champion (by defeating Aksana) before being handed her release.

Tyler Breeze continued on and found great success in NXT. By 2016, Tyler & Audrey were married, but it’s unknown what she’s up to these days. After becoming one of NXT’s most popular acts (“Breeze Is Gorgeous!”), his career went severely downhill after moving to the main roster. He was lost in the shuffle til he found his Fashion Police partner in crime. Fandango became injury prone, which meant Breeze had to work on 205 Live for a while, before returning home to NXT. Once his partner recovered, Breezango quickly became the NXT Tag Team Champions last month; meaning it took both Breeze & Fandango nearly a decade to win any championship in WWE. They have surely earned it.

Wrestling Relationships67. Vince & Linda McMahon {Married}

The oldest couple in wrestling is also by far the most powerful. And it will be difficult to imagine anyone ever being more so. When Linda was only 17-years-old, she & Vince got married in 1966. That’s 54 years ago! And they’re still going strong in to their 70’s, after a lifetime of hard work to make their millions. She had stints on WWF television, usually as a babyface mirroring her husband’s tyranny. Linda will probably be best remembered by wrestling fans for kicking Vince in the grapefruits at WrestleMania. She was the President/CEO of WWE from 1980 to 2009, before switching from a wrestling ring to a political one.

Linda used her own, and WWE money, to fund her campaigns to be elected as a senator in Connecticut two times. She missed out by 12% on both occasions. Linda was later appointed the Administrator of Small Business by President and long-time friend/business associate Donald Trump for two years; til she was replaced in April 2019. They have done a great job of raising their two children, Shane & Stephanie McMahon, to have their own business ventures, and are likely to take over WWE when they step down. The McMahon’s have six grandchildren in all.

68. Wentz & Kimber Lee {Married}

Not much is known about their relationship, but they were engaged in 2018 and married in May this year. Kimber Lee is a well-traveled veteran, and first got noticed for her tag team with Cherry Bomb (aka Allie). She achieved her dream of joining WWE in 2016 and worked as an enhancement talent in NXT. But nothing came of her time there, and she was released in 2018.

Lee has since admitted she has struggled with alcoholism, but has turned a corner since meeting Wentz, who works as one of the three Rascalz in Impact Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Guerilla. In 2020, Lee joined her boyfriend as a full-time Knockout, and has recently formed an alliance with Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo.

Wrestling Relationships69. Wesley Blake & Sara Lee {Married}

They have both experienced hard times in WWE. Let’s start with Sara Lee. She is a winner of Tough Enough VI and was assigned to NXT. But Sara was released a year later (according to PWinsider) for not making enough progress in her training. It was initially reported it was because she was pregnant, but this rumor was denied. Wesley Blake spent several years in NXT, winning his one-and-only title with Buddy Murphy; the NXT Tag Team Championship.

The reign came to an abrupt end because their manager Alexa Bliss played such an instrumental part of their image. When officials realized she was way too talented to be managing, they pushed Bliss as a singles wrestler and broke her off from Blake N’ Murphy. The team didn’t last after that, and Blake all but disappeared. Murphy returned later and eventually joined 205 Live, while Blake suffered on the sidelines.

When Jaxson Ryker joined NXT, he was given another chance as one third of The Forgotten Sons. But again, after they were called up to the main roster, he is sidelined (through no fault of his own) because Ryker got political on Twitter and someone didn’t like it. Oh well, at least he & Sara Lee have each other and their two kids to keep them from dwelling on what could’ve been. They were married in 2017, a year after Sara’s release.

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