​A Complete Report From WWE At Comic-Con On Thursday – Owens, Zayn, Balor & More


Credit: Will Pruett & Prowrestling.net

This is definitely a panel of wrestling fans, as a “New Day Rocks” chant and clap broke out as people filed in. It looks like they’ll be turning fans away at the door, as the room is filling up quick.


A moderator welcomed us to the panel. He is the global toy director for WWE.

William Regal was introduced to a standing ovation from the crowd. Regal joked that he couldn’t possibly remember the script he was handed. He said it is his pleasure to represent WWE, NXT, and Mattel today. He said Kevin Owens, Charlotte, Sami Zayn, and Finn Bàlor were here. No mention of Seth Rollins as a part of the panel. Regal said the future is here.

The designers from Mattel were introduced.

A video from Seth Rollins was played. He apologized for not making it today. He said the workload of being a champion has him stuck in Los Angeles filming a WWE 2K16 commercial. He promised to sign everything (including babies) for everyone next year.

Kevin Owens was introduced, complete with theme music. Charlotte followed, also with music. I assume the music plays whenever they enter a room. Sami Zayn was introduced with his amazingly happy theme music and Regal called Zayn his friend. Ole chants from the crowd, reckoning back to a Zayn-like superstar down helping orphans just across the border. Finn Bàlor was introduced next and he entered with music, the NXT Championship, and no demon paint.

Regal promised that if any of the wrestlers got in any trouble (fighting), they would be in serious trouble. The toy designers then began discussing the new figures.

Tyson Kidd, Xavier Woods, Hideo Itami, and Sting figures were shown. Owens asked if Itami comes with a broken shoulder. Charlotte’s figure was shown next and it was handed to her. She was emotional about it.

The Ascension, J and J Security, The Bella Twins, and Ambrose and Rollins are getting two pack figures.

The Miz, Dean Malenko, Stephanie McMahon, Adam Rose, Randy Savage, and the APA will be getting deluxe figures.

They’re currently working on Bailey, Sheamus, Undertaker from WrestleMania 31, Kalisto, Kevin Owens, British Bulldog, and Godfather figures. They showed a Finn Bàlor in demon attire action figure that is on its way. It looks amazing. A Sami Zayn elite figure with the NXT Championship is coming. Owens joked that he had the title for only two months. The 1999 Undertaker is coming. Hollywood Hogan is coming. Sting is coming. These are all Elite Figures. We were invited to stop by the Mattel booth.

Regal thanked them for his figure, which didn’t exist.

Regal asked what figures they played with.

Kevin Owens said he collected a ton of them. His favorite was Steve Blackman. The best thing about getting his own figure is his son getting to play with them.

Charlotte loved playing with he stuffed wrestling buddies, especially of the Million Dollar Man. She finds it crazy that she is getting an action figure.

Sami Zayn had the LJN rubber action figures. He still has Macho Man and Hulk Hogan from them. Sami says he is living the dream having a figure now. When Sami first started wrestling, he would use the figures to come up with new moves occasionally.

Finn Bàlor didn’t just have WWE figures, he had G.I. Joe ones as well. Finn’s favorite WWE figure was Vince McMahon in his grey suit. He said he used to be the boss of that figure, but now the roles are different. Finn saw his demon painted figure for the first time today.

Regal asked Kevin Owens about how things have changed in his meteoric rise. Owens said he can tell his Cena-shirt wearing son that he beat Cena. He said his legacy in ten years will be that he made it to Raw before Sami Zayn. This elicited a reaction.

Regal asked Charlotte why she thinks the women in NXT are taking the world by storm. Charlotte credited the determination and drive for success in herself, Bayley, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks. She also credited the training of Sara Del Ray. Regal asked Charlotte about advice from Ric Flair. She said he told her to be the best at everything she does.

Moving onto Sami Zayn, Regal asked what makes NXT so unique. Zayn said NXT has evolved a lot. He said the cast of characters is a once in a lifetime collection of talent, much like the 2002 class out of OVW. He said they weren’t on the same boat, but it is similar in having so much talent in one place. Sami said the people brought there by chance make it so special.

Regal asked when Sami would be back in the ring. Sami said he is out of his sling as of yesterday, and he wishes he had a return date. He doesn’t. Kevin Owens feigned being upset. Zayn is shooting for the end of 2015 or early 2016.

Regal moved onto Finn, which caused a woman in the crowd to yell how hot he is. Finn said he gets it all the time, in a bashful way. Finn was asked what happens in his mind around the demon. Before he answered, he wished Sami a quick recovery. Finn said the demon paint helped his inner-confidence flow out easier. Regal asked him about being the new NXT Champion. Finn says NXT is like lighting in a bottle, especially with Kevin, Hideo, and himself. Finn said NXT is a brand now. He emphasized the brand thing. He said people will look back at now in NXT like people look back at ECW. He is proud to be a part of it and champion. He is looking forward to doing more.

Regal announced that the Bàlor vs. Owens in a rematch will headline the NXT Brooklyn show. Owens told Finn to enjoy the title for now, because he won’t have it for long. Finn said he spent eight years in Japan and then couldn’t turn down WWE. He talked about winning the title in Japan in his second home. He said it was like a fairytale. Finn said he took a great deal of pleasure beating Owens in Tokyo. He said Japan was different, but New York City will be very special. Owens said he spent eight years rocking the house in Brooklyn every time he went there. He said there’s no way he leaves without the title.

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