A List of Mid-Carders I’d Love Back


Back in the Ruthless Agression Era, it wasn’t just the influx of main eventers that impressed me, it was the diversity and depth of the mid-card. It was so versatile filled with world-class athletes. Here is a list of some I’d gladly welcome back.

Shelton Benjamin: Shelton Benjamin can make a case for being the most athletically gifted wrestler to ever step foot in the ring. My eye first caught him when he wrestled Shawn Michaels in the gold rush tournament (I would love that to make a return) back in 2005. He was able to match Shawn pound for pound and ever since he has been a tremendous talent. Most noticeably, his impacts came at WrestleMania in the MITB ladder matches. Whether it was sunset flip powerbombs off a superplex, or whether it was a flying plancha from the top of the ladder, Shelton always impressed and brought the crowds to the edge of their seats. Should he come back to WWE, which he had been pondering, it would be more than welcome by me.

Carlito: I don’t care what anybody says about this man, he was entertaining. Carlito’s Cabana? Loved it. The apple. His abilities. Everything just worked for me you know? He had the entire package of what a mid card should be. In his first match, he beat John Cena for the United States Championship and ever since he started, he has become a reliable midcarder who can be counted on for a good match. I would love him back.

John Morrisson/Johnny Nitro: Ah, the Shaman of Sexy. This man was more than just looks. The man can deliver in the ring. He was amazing, especially his efficiency in the range of parkour. His real-life parkour training helped him transfer into the ring and his athleticism and dexterity was on full display, especially in matches that had no rules. In 2011, he enjoyed the best stretch of his career when he was in the WWE Title picture with the likes of Sheamus, CM Punk, John Cena, and The Miz. Watch some of his matches against R-Truth, Daniel Bryan and John Cena and tell me this man wasn’t amazing. He would risk his career just to entertain, like he did in the Elimination Chamber, and if he comes back, I will be the first to support it.

Mr. Kennedy: It’s MRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR KENEDYYYYYYYYYYY. Or Mr. Anderson if you watch TNA (but who can?). Anyways, this is a man that can get the crowd to hold a catchphrase for a great deal of time. I think his in ring style leaves some to be desired, but WWE needs one of those enthusiastic people to get the crowd’s energy at a high level. Just try to keep him away from Randy Orton.

Bubba Ray Dudley: Bubba Ray Dudley has been the top heel in TNA for some time, but he was also an entertaining man during his run in WWE. The Dudleyz are sort of incomplete without each other, but if you watched both of them, you’d see that Bubba had the potential. I absolutely love his mic work, and especially his face reactions after their 3-D move.

Tajiri: Now sure, he may not be the most charismatic, but boy i love his in ring skill. I was watching him in a match against Rob Van Dam and i think it showed his best. Now, i say if you just keep him off the mic and let him do his thing in the mat, then he is a more than capable mid card face.

MVP: Talk about talent gone to waste. MVP does Japan Pro Wrestling now, but before his charisma and potential was unparallelled, in addition to his popping theme song. I really believe that WWE should have pushed him a bit harder with more singles titles runs and see if he can work his way up to World Title potential. I really didn’t like the idea of him in a tag team with Henry, but if he comes back, all I’d have to say is “BALLIN!”

Which mid-carders would you like to see back in the WWE? Did i miss anybody? I’m sure there might be one or two. Comment.

Finlay: Finlay was that old school type of heel. A bit old, but he could get the job done. His matches weren’t exactly the best, but his personality made him get that menacing side. Sort of looks like a hybrid of William Regal and Sheamus to me. He just needs to be without Hornswoggle.

William Regal: I first saw him in the Smackdown vs RAW 2008 game and his face looked silly, especially on match cards. But when you actually see him wrestle, you’d be surprised. Not only was a he a classy, old-school style heel persona great, but his wrestling skill is underrated. Did you know that he defeated CM Punk by submission to win the King of The Ring in 2008? Now, he is a popular candidate for people who haven’t won any World Titles, but I would more than welcome a return. Perhaps he can do a tag team thing with Sheamus or Wade Barrett.

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