A Live Fan Report From Last Night’s WWE RAW Broadcast – What Happened After The Show?, More


Thanks to reader Chase for this report:

Most of the Upper Deck was blacked off. The arena is still set up a lot for NBA Finals especially since Game 6 is tomorrow. Great tributes to the Dusty Rhodes all night. Crowd absolutely loved it and cheered for him.

Reaction to Rollins wasn’t super bad until he bashed the Cavs. Even some people cheered when he based Johnny Manziel. There was a lot of dead time throughout the night. Ambrose was actually in his chair for over 10 minutes. Ambrose got a very huge reaction.
The Sheamus-Ambrose match was interesting to watch. Sheamus didn’t get too much heel heat. When Randy Orton came out he got a huge pop.

Tonight was the first night I heard Joey Mercury talk as much as he has in the past.

The R-Truth-Barrett match happened so fast nobody had any clue on what to think.

Kevin Owens got a big pop when he came out, and so did Dolph Ziggler. Dolph got a huge pop because he is from Cleveland. Had he won a title the roof would of blown off. Crowd was a little disappointed Ziggler didn’t win.

Randy Orton got another huge pop. Kane got very little of a reaction. Sheamus coming out got some boos but not overly bad.

The Miz actually got a decent pop when he came out. He is from Cleveland so they cheered hometown boy. Big Show got booed bad both during his match and post raw dark match. For the Bray Wyatt/Reigns promo folks were pretty bored and not happy with it. I thought it was a great promo. Very much of a genius promo by Wyatt.

Paige/Bella Twins match got little reaction. There was some cheers for the Bella Twins I heard. MGK got a little reaction, most people could have cared less if he was there. I was very happy when he got powerbombed off the stage. Some people were kind of shocked that it happened. They sounded horrible live to be honest.

The Neville/PTP vs. New Day Match got a good pop, New Day got a negative reaction and they didn’t even talk on the mic. Red Arrow is amazing in person.

The Authority got a mixed reaction and not overly booed. Brock Lesnar got the biggest pop of the night. Overall it was a decent show. They will be returning in September on the 26th.

Once Raw officially ended. the announcers actually stayed out there, Triple H and Stephanie headed to the back. Lesnar and Heyman didn’t stay out too long. That part was kind of depressing. They announced a Live show for Cleveland on Saturday September 26th. Presale is good till the 19th. Unfortunately I cant remember code off the top of my head. Originally it was going to be a 6 man tag as dark main event but it was turned into an 8 man tag match. Bray Wyatt came out first what a neat entrance, then the Big Show, Sheamus and Seth Rollins who was acting as if he was wondering about Lesnar coming after him. First out was Randy Orton who got a huge pop, Ryback was next followed by Reigns who just came out and didn’t do his crowd entrance and then Ambrose. Match started out and everyone went after rivals. Wyatt and Reigns fought to the back. It pretty much became a 6 man tag match after that. Lots of please retire chants for Big Show. Big Show got on mic and said if you want me to retire then you need to buy out my contract. The faces dominated the match and in the end Randy Orton RKO’d Sheamus to send the crowd home happy.

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