A Look At The TNA Knockouts Division


The Knockouts Division has been one of TNA’s strongest points over the years. They have had some really great female wrestling performers throughout their history. Names synonomous with TNA Knockouts usually include the likes of Awesome Kong, The Beautiful People, The Queen B Madison Rayne, Gail Kim, Mickie James, the list goes on. The division has had its share of down times but overall, it’s been more of a strength than a weakness. The Knockouts roster has mostly been pretty deep. For a span, they actually had a Knockouts Tag Team championship which shows the emphasis they have put on women’s wrestling. The TNA Knockouts also had some really great rivalries over the years including Gail Kim vs Mickie James, who at the time were arguably the two best female wrestlers going, Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell, where these two were never shy about laying it all on the line in Last Knockout Standing and Ladder matches, and of course, possibly the second best female wrestling rivalry of all time behind Trish and Lita, Gail Kim vs Awesome Kong. The Knockouts Division has truly put female wrestling on a level playing field in TNA.

Today, The Knockouts division has re-emerged as one of the main strengths of TNA. The roster has expanded and has reached its strongest point in several years.Taryn Terrell is the current Knockout’s Champion and with a heel turn at the recent Total Knockout Special episode of Impact Wrestling, became the leader of the newest KO faction, The Dollhouse with Jade and Marti Bell. These three women have wreaked havoc on the Knockouts division since their debut a few week’s ago and have set their sights on Gail Kim. The Dollhouse is clearly the central point of the KO division at the moment. This past Friday’s episode of Impact featured The Dollhouse, and the debut of their new theme music, Doll Parts by Hole, in a tag team match versus Brooke and a returning Rebel. They then turned their attention to Gail Kim and Taryn, complete with some pure gold work on the mic, is on a mission to terrorize Gail and her family in one of now several dark-themed storylines in TNA, which could be the work of new creative hire, Billy Corgan. I’m just spitballing with that but, it’s as good a guess as any.

The Knockout’s Division does not just settle in on Gail and The Dollhouse though. Last week’s episode saw Gail Kim team with long time rival, Awesome Kong to do battle with The Dollhouse in a 2 on 3 match, as well as the return of Velvet Sky to get revenge on former Beautiful People partner, Angelina Love. That is a match which we should start seeing some serious build to and culiminate in either a special-themed Impact, perhaps Destination X, or maybe it will carry all the way to Slammiversary.

We also have the pending “one last match’ to look forward to from Mickie James, who at the urging of James Storm, agreed to set her retirement aside for the time being and satisfy her fans. This match should most certainly take place at Slammiversary, if she’s ready. Otherwise, maybe stretch it out until Bound For Glory, where she can also accept her induction into the TNA Hall of Fame. Again, just tossing ideas around. Not sure if this is how it will all play out. And her opponent would have to be Gail Kim. I cannot think of anyone else for her swansong.

And let’s not forget, we still have Havok waiting in the wings. She has been absent since the Lockdown special in January, save for the One Night Only tapings but she is still featured on the Impact Wrestling website and it’s just a matter of time before she re-enters the fold, perhaps to feud with The Doll House after the Gail Kim feud ends or to get revenge on Awesome Kong.

The TNA Knockout’s division is very much alive and well. We got good feuds and stories going. We have great things to look forward to throughout the summer. A few more additions of some top female indy stars and we could be fortunate enough to live in the best era of Knockout’s wrestling history.

How do you guys feel about the current state of the TNA Knockout’s Division? Do you like its direction? Hate it? Indifferent?

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Thank you all for reading. I hope you enjoyed this. Be Safe.

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