A Love Letter to Dixie


What money has TNA drawn?

In its 12 years of existence when has TNA ever been successful
with its ratings, merchandise sales, PPV buyrate’s, creating stars, selling out

Jeff Hardy was bigger than anyone in the business at the
time he joined TNA. What happened?

Kurt Angle was a name that headline crowds over 70 thousand.
Now only 2 or 3 hundred people will pay to see him live. What happened?

A.J. Styles, Samoa Joe, Rick Rude…. oh I mean Bobby Roode,
James Storm why weren’t they bigger. When I say bigger, I mean name recognition,
where even non-fans know who they are.

We all want an alternative to WWE’s bland, predictable storytelling.
And at the time NWA-TNA seemed like it would assume that role, but unfortunately
they didn’t have the numbers to survive with the weekly ppv. So they needed an investor,
enter Panda Energy.

You have to give Double J credit, he knew a money mark when
he meets one.

The Queen of Bankruptcy…

The Saggy Naggy of wrestling….  

The QVC of poverty….

Dixie Carter.

What a complete failure of a promoter. This women should
never be in charge of a business ever again.

Wrestling is a business and the point of a business is to
make money!!! And all Dixie has done is lose it. Vince Russo may be the antichrist
of logic and intelligence but she signed his checks.

I can hear all the haters now. Just read on and save
yourself the stroke.

As a wrestling fan I have always found the WWE to be predictable,
kind of bland, in better words ,,, generic. Growing up I remember staying up to
3 in the morning just to watch UWF, watching the NWA through static just to see
the Four Horsemen, I couldn’t stand the cartoon nature of the WWF. I needed and
still want an alternative to the corporate wrestling. And that’s where Dixie
failed the most. TNA became a cheap and embarrassing copy of WWE. Say what you
will about Easy E’s WCW but at least they were different from Vinnie Mac’s WWF
and made money. Yeah we all laughed at ATM Eric for his spending ways, but how
many of the boys are laughing now. Dixie, you failed.

What If ??????  

What if Spike had went after ROH instead ?

Would ROH management have had the sense to promote itself
heavy and hard ? You know what I mean? Promote that their running a show in your
town in two weeks. Book your talent on the local radio stations, hell, why not
have nickel beer night, try anything and everything to draw a crowd. Fuc# the lawsuits,
call them what you want, stupid, crooked, retarded, liars, elitist, crooked, panderers
of fears, crooked but one thing that you can’t call the United States congress
is meek. Would ROH have had that sense?

Vince did.

Paul did. Needed a better accountant.

Dixie didn’t and the boys that put their bodies on the line and
we the wrestling fans pay for it. For TNA to have any success Dixie needs to resign
or be fired. 

Sorry, but the truth is the truth now go on and

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