​A Must-Read Recap – The Y2J/Cena Post-RAW Podcast


Thanks to  Robert Leighty Jr. of 411Mania.com for the following recap of the Chris Jericho/John Cena podcast following Monday night’s WWE RAW broadcast:

Welcome one and all to yet another Podcast on the WWE Network. After having Austin host the last two, the WWE is giving Chris Jericho a shot this time and his guest is WWE United States Champion, John Cena! Join me following Monday Night RAW to see if this one can live up to the earlier ones featuring Vince and Triple H.

 -We are live and welcomed to the podcast by our host Chris Jericho. He thanks John Cena for joining him and calls this moment one of the greatest in the history of the world.

 -Jericho immediately brings up Cena being famous for the 5 Moves of Doom and how he has added the Spring Board Stunner, and Cena shuts that down and calls it a modified neck breaker. They discuss the original 5 Moves of Doom and joke about Canadian Football teams.

-Talk shifts to the US Title and Cena says that he wasn’t upset he was phased out of the Main Event. He believes they have gifted guys on the roster and he wants to give them (Ambrose and Cody named) a chance to make a name for themselves and bring prestige to the US Title.

 -Cena goes on to say that he appreciates being anywhere on the card and Jericho mentions how he went from World Champ to IC Champ and never saw it as a step down. Cena agrees with him, and they talk again about the open challenge.

-The talk about Cena’s group that he rode with in his early days and it was Tajiri, The Bashams, Ultimo Dragon, and Funaki. That is a pretty awesome group actually and Cena says that it started with Funaki as they hit it off well. Cena tells a great Tajiri story about him wanting a Whopper and saying it was a perfect English accent after duping all of them by pretending not to know too much English.

-Jericho shifts talk to John’s relationship with Vince McMahon. Cena says that he loves this company where a lot of people would say they love the wrestling business. Cena says his goal is to take the company to places it has never been: namely China, and India. He wants to leave the place a 100 times better than when he entered.

-Cena says that he and Vince differ creatively at times, but he has the trust of Vince to do things that some don’t. He does say that he gets yelled at just like anyone else though and at times they are deserved.

-Jericho brings up how he was the one that had Cena’s first PPV match. He mentions that when Cena debuted there was backlash as expected. The finish was Jericho going over and Jericho argued with Vince that Cena needed to go over in the match. He asks Cena if he remembers those days and Cena talks about meeting Vince for the first time and it was on SmackDown with Angle because The Undertaker couldn’t be there. Vince told him to cut his hair in that first meeting and things went off from there.

 -Jericho brings up how Cena was known as the guy who did backwards promos in OVW. Cena gives credit to Jim Cornette and others in OVW for letting them have freedom. Jericho asks him to do an example and Cena has Jericho take a stab at it. He gives it a go and then Cena does it as well for old times sake.

-Cena brings up Vince’s brass ring comment and says that he loved it because Vince can hear the audience. Wow! He says that if guys genuinely feel something is right they need to do it. He says they have rules as TV PG, but things guys can step out and stay within those rules.

-They go back to Cena’s early days and how he didn’t have a finish so Jericho always called him “whacky roll-up guy” and Cena has a laugh with it. They also discuss how he always wore different color boots and tights. Cena brings up William Regal and how he looked up to him. He was working for UPW and got a dark match for the WWE in LA. He admits he stunk the joint out and asked Regal for advice. Regal tells him that ie he gets a set of boots he will at least look like a wrestler. Cena says that he went out and got 75 pairs of boots and 150 pairs of tights. He never wanted to wear the same thing twice on TV in OVW. When he was brought up as a face on the main roster he wore the home teams colors to get cheap pops from the crowd.

-They talk about OVW and the class of guys they had: Cena, Orton, Batista, and Lesnar. He puts over Lesnar for hitting the Shooting Star, Orton for being a natural, Batista for being a tough bastard, and Shelton Benjamin for beaking a freak of nature. He says that he knew he wasn’t #1 on the list and knew they had a lot of time and money invested in a lot of the other guys down there.

-They go back to Cena’s PPV debut when he went over Jericho and then after Jericho was drafted to RAW, Cena was jobbing on Sunday Night Heat to Bull Buchanan. Cena says he didn’t have an identity and nothing sent him apart from what other guys were doing. He looked the part, but couldn’t do what they were doing in the ring.

 -That leads to the rapping gimmick, and Cena says it started on a European Tour with Rikishi. He puts over Rikishi for teaching him a lot about in the business. On one of the buses, guys were freestyling and Cena got a chance to participate and the higher ups decided to let him run with it. Cena says it has been a long time since he has done any freestyle. He was asked if he wanted to do it on TV and he knew it would at least give him an identity.

-Jericho asks him if he was a wrestling fan as a kid, and he says that he was. They show the famous picture of Cena as a kid holding a homemade title belt. He says Kowalski’s school was 25 minutes from him house and he never realized it. Cena says he is the first reverse 2nd generation wrestler because he got in the business first and then his dad followed him in 2005.

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