AEW: Pros and Cons From Double or Nothing 2021


Con: Tough to pick out any flaws in this one, though it is a slight shame that in their first big match as a duo Sky/Page lost. But they’re both charismatic enough for it to not affect them for too long.

Kenny Omega vs. Orange Cassidy vs. PAC:

Pro: Going into this match, we all knew Omega was likely finishing the night still AEW champion. But the beauty of this match, is that for nearly thirty minutes the competitors made you believe any of them could leave victorious. The title card at the start of the match stressed Omega had not been beaten in singles competition for 638 days, yet at times this match made it look possible he could be. From near falls, to the desperation of Omega and Don Callis to keep the title, the suspense kept rising. Finally, the way Omega secured victory, with a quick pin-counter was genius. Cassidy had the match won on multiple occasions and hopefully, we will see him return to the title picture again in the near future.


The announcement of Mark Henry’s signing with AEW after the match served as a nice break before the main event. Henry’s first few weeks as a talent scout no doubt have got a whole lot easier after Wednesday’s WWE releases.

Con: This match should have been the main event of the card. Whether the finish would have worked quite as well if it was the final match is up for debate but, the quality of the match itself deserved to close the show.

The Inner Circle vs. The Pinnacle – Stadium Stampede Match:

Pro: AEW kept up their almost exclusively solid record with cinematic matches with this year’s Stadium Stampede match. In a company that has a huge amount of stables/factions, the match managed to allow individuals time to shine. By splitting the competitors off into each of their individual rivalries, everyone came off looking like stars. This holds true for both The Inner Circle in victory and The Pinnacle in defeat. Full credit has to go to the competitors for keeping the tempo at such a breakneck speed, whilst simultaneously giving the big spots time to breathe.

Con: Ending AEW’s first show with a full audience in fifteen months with a cinematic match was a mistake. Yes, the action ultimately culminated with Sammy Guevara and Shawn Spears in the ring, but a cinematic closer was the wrong way to go. This could be felt from the reaction of the audience when Guevara picked up the 1-2-3. With a few visibly shocked faces amongst the crowd, the match could have been better served elsewhere on the card.

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