AEW Roster: The Story (So Far) Of All Its Talent Signings & Releases


Removed: Goldenboy

May (93)

AEW Roster AEW Roster AEW Roster

Despite losing millions from the cancellation of live events, AEW signed five new wrestlers. Leading in to May, they picked up two future Dark Order members, a potential for the Nightmare Factory, a mainstay for Dark, and a comedic follower of Britt Baker. No, they weren’t big signings, but they have all done their best in their roles.

Added: Alan Angels, Anna Jay, Baron Black, Lee Johnson & Rebel (not Reba)

June (98)

AEW Roster AEW Roster

Guess what? AEW is not letting up with its signings. This time, it’s the former Impact World Heavyweight Champion Brian Cage, and FTR, WWE’s first Triple Crown Tag Team Champions. After Matt Hardy & Brodie Lee, AEW picked up another surprising release in the Revival, who many saw as one of WWE’s best teams.

FTR changed the division, because AEW now had a team who weren’t fishing for high spots. They work a more serious, technical and brawling style which mirrors The Young Bucks or the Lucha Brothers. There’s more depth, and adding Tully Blanchard as their manager was the icing on the cake. Many fans were wondering if AEW would ever let up on all these signings, but let me promise you something. It won’t.

Added: Brian Cage, Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood (FTR), John Skyler & KiLynn King

July (103)

AEW Roster AEW Roster

While recent months handed the spotlight to former WWE Superstars, the summer was all about fresh faces. Ricky Starks, Red Velvet & Brian Pillman Jr have all had varying levels of exposure. The NWA lost something special with Starks, and you can’t get much of a better compliment than being compared to The Rock. I’m a big fan of Abadon, but she doesn’t get used much on Dynamite or Rampage, so the inconsistency hurts her potential.

We’ve reached the 100 mark! Just how much bigger can this roster get?

Added: Abadon, Brian Pillman Jr, Fuego Del Sol, Red Velvet & Ricky Starks

August (110)

AEW Roster AEW Roster AEW Roster

Excuse me?! Yes, Vickie Guerrero is still a heat magnet. Fans assumed Matt Cardona was a guarantee to be signed, but he must not have impressed management enough to offer him a contract. He’s included here because AEW used him for a while, but was never officially “Elite”.

Eddie Kingston was the biggest signing. I already knew how good he was, but I never could have imagined how over he’d become in AEW. He absolutely deserves a contract, and I could not be happier for him. Even more so after he shared his life story, which I highly recommend checking out if you haven’t already.

Added: Aaron Solow, Diamante, Eddie Kingston, Griff Garrison, Ivelisse, Matt Cardona & Vickie Guerrero

September (112)

AEW RosterAEW RosterAEW Roster

AEW was the first wrestling company to allow fans to attend events, provided they followed all the COVID-19 rules and guidelines. The end of summer 2020 saw a shift in AEW’s women’s division. After much hype in 2019, AEW signed Sadie Gibbs to a contract, but an incident with Bea Priestley at All Out led to an actual fight which had to be broken up.

They did not use Gibbs after that, while Priestley popped up here and there. AEW finally felt it was time to let them go and replaced them with former NXT star Tay Conti and NWA Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa. Both have enjoyed much success, well… as much as you can without winning the women’s title. The other signings are guys who remain on Dark.

Added: D3, Mark Sterling, Ryzin, Tay Conti & Thunder Rosa

Removed: Sadie Gibbs, Bea Priestley, Jimmy Havoc

In June, following the #SpeakingOut movement, it was alleged that Jimmy Havoc had a history of assaulting a fan, domestic abuse, and rape. Havoc admitted to having issues with drinking and substance abuse, agreeing to attend counselling and rehab. AEW later released him in August, and there is no further news after he left the wrestling business. Havoc was the first long-time wrestler to be released before the expiry date on his contract.

October (116)

AEW Roster AEW Roster AEW Roster

There’s some power behind these signings, most notably Miro & Will Hobbs. We could say that Miro, formerly known as Rusev, was one of the most shocking WWE releases of 2020. AEW continued taking women away from the NWA by signing Serena Deeb. As some might remember, Matt Sydal had a debut he’d love to forget, as the first thing we saw him do was botch his Shooting Star Press. Over the past year, Miro has become the TNT Champion, and Hobbs is developing nicely under the mentorship of Taz.

Remember Matt Cardona? Yeah, he left for Impact. MJF’s representative Mark Sterling is gone too, but maybe we’ll see him again?

Added: Alex Gracia, Cezar Bononi, Matt Sydal, Miro, Serena Deeb & Powerhouse (Will) Hobbs

Removed: Matt Cardona & Mark Sterling

November (122)

AEW Roster AEW Roster

It’s another month of fresh faces, with the Top Flight tag team getting a ton of praise. ‘Legit’ Leyla Hirsch added another layer to the women’s division. I think Darius Martin is injured, but Dante is now teaming with Lio Rush. Hirsch challenged for the NWA Women’s title at EmPowerrr, but I have not seen her since. The other guys are alright. I can’t promise them any major success, although I think Nick Comoroto is physically striking.

Added: Danny Limelight, Dante & Darius Martin (Top Flight), Leyla Hirsch, Nick Comoroto & VSK

December (129)

AEW Roster AEW Roster AEW Roster

We’re getting in to the festive period of 2020 with signings which divide opinion. The Acclaimed? They are like marmite. You either love ‘em or hate ‘em. Jade Cargill? Man, she is mega athletic with a disappointing lack of experience. Then you have Hook, son of Taz, and Colten Gunn (left), son of Billy, who we have to question whether they would be there without their fathers.

Speaking of which, Devon Dudley got his boys a job as well. What is this?! Get your sons an AEW contract for Christmas month? Holy nepotism. Do you know what’s funny? None of them have done anything worthwhile all year. You might have the genetics, but talent is not always passed down the family tree.

Added: Anthony Bowens & Max Caster (The Acclaimed), Colten Gunn, Hook, Jade Cargill, Terrell & Terrence Hughes

January 2021 (134)

AEW Roster AEW Roster AEW Roster

Let’s change the tone for a moment. Do you know what the end of 2020 means? The tragic passing of Brodie Lee. The only man to be removed from the roster in a way nobody in the world wanted. AEW handled it as well as they could have, which affected future signings. The biggest addition here, no matter what, is Brodie Lee Jr. It’s not a competition I know, but while Sting’s debut was one of the greatest AEW has ever seen, bringing Brodie Lee Jr in to the family was a moment fans will remember forever.

Added: Ashley Vox, Bear Boulder & Bear Bronson, Brodie Lee Jr, Don Callis, Madi Wrenkowski, Sting

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