AEW Roster: The Story (So Far) Of All Its Talent Signings & Releases


Removed: Brodie Lee (RIP), Shawn Spears 

February (135)

Who is this cheap Dolph Ziggler knockoff? Oh yeah, it’s his brother Ryan Nemeth. This is the quietest month for signings since 2019. What more can I say? Let’s move on.

Added: Ryan Nemeth

March (141)

AEW Roster AEW Roster AEW Roster

Aside from Paul Wight wanting “no more BS”, again, there’s not much to say about this month. AEW brought in some women to compete in a tournament, including Ryo Mizunami, who I think is painfully overlooked. In case you don’t know, Renee Michelle played Drake Maverick’s wife (they are actually married) on WWE Raw. Matt Sydal brought in his brother Mike so they could work as a tag team. What’s with family members getting jobs in AEW? It’s crazy.

Added: JD Drake, Mike Sydal, Miranda Alize, Paul Wight, Renee Michelle & Ryo Mizunami

AEW introduced a third show called Dark: Elevation. It’s much like Dark, although more likely to have major stars showing up.

April (143)

AEW Roster AEW Roster

This is a great month! Christian Cage made an impact, not just in AEW, but by cross promoting as the Impact World Champion. WWE didn’t want to use him, so he went elsewhere and has done so very well. I think it’s great how he mentors Jurassic Express. He’s not just doing this for himself.

Shawn Spears returned after a short while away, and finally got recognized as somebody worthwhile in MJF’s Pinnacle stable. Then there’s Ethan Page, one of the longest reigning tag team champions (with Josh Alexander) in Impact history, wanting to prove he was better than that.

Added: Christian Cage, Ethan Page, Shawn Spears, Delmi Exo

Removed: Alex Gracia & Miranda Alize

The AEW roster is stalling out around the 140 mark. It’s not signing in the volume it previously was, and is only taking big signings if they are must haves. Will this continue, though?

May (144)

AEW Roster AEW Roster

Who, who, and who? You might have seen Skye Blue on a recent episode of Dynamite (or Rampage?), but the other two were not around very long. It’s a quiet month, but if Skye Blue ends up getting over, at least that’s something for the future of AEW’s women’s division.

So you know, John Skyler was released and moved on to Impact. Ivelisse was more controversial. She has gone on record to say she was unfairly dismissed, but many say she is difficult to work with, so you’ll have to believe who you want. Ivelisse & Thunder Rosa clearly didn’t get along.

Added: Marty Casaus, Willow Nightingale, Skye Blue

Removed: John Skyler & Ivelisse

June (147)

AEW Roster AEW Roster

It’s yet another quiet month. Almost immediately, Lio Rush backtracked on joining AEW. Konnan works mostly backstage as a producer. As far as I know, Julia Hart is not related to the Hart Family. Remember Mark Sterling? He’s back! Only this time he is “Smart Mark”, a manager who desperately wants to sign Jade Cargill. He got his wish, eventually. Sadly, AEW either didn’t feel like keeping Ryo Mizunami, or she wanted to go home.

Added: Julia Hart, Konnan, Lio Rush, Smart Mark Sterling & Robo (Jora Johl)

Removed: Ryo Mizunami & Marty Casaus

July (144)

AEW Roster AEW Roster

EL IDOLO! Of course, Andrade would find his way to AEW. Will Charlotte Flair join him one day? Let’s wait and see. I reserve judgment on Brock Anderson & Wheeler Yuta, but they are far from terrible. Also, something huge happened this month, aside from introducing AEW Rampage on Friday nights.

The AEW roster got smaller! It has three fewer names compared to June. How could this be?! AEW doesn’t release talent that much, do they? Actually, yes, it happens, but people don’t make as much of a fuss about it. I’m most disappointed by the release of Shanna, although the women’s division has come a long way since 2019, so she’s no longer needed.

Added: Andrade El Idolo, Brock Anderson, Wheeler Yuta

Removed: Awesome Kong, Danny Limelight, Delmi Exo, Lio Rush, Shanna & Willow Nightingale

August (142)

AEW Roster

For the second and last time (so far), AEW’s roster shrunk! You probably wouldn’t notice though… because they got rid of talent who weren’t doing anything worthwhile. In their place, Chavo Guerrero paired up with Andrade, while Malakai Black brought the gimmick he wanted to use in WWE to TNT. Again, management was getting in to a habit of signing recently released WWE superstars, although you could say Impact Wrestling is far more guilty of this practice.

Added: Malakai Black & Chavo Guerrero

Removed: Ashley Vox, Mel, Terrell & Terrence Hughes

September (150)

AEW Roster AEW Roster AEW Roster AEW Roster

Are you ready for a boom period? CM Punk is here, along with Mark Henry, the guys formerly known as Ever Rise, and several others. Remember when I told you to remember Jamie Hayter? She’s back! And sets the record for longest time between stints in AEW. Kiera Hogan was a little surprising because she was heavily used in Impact. The less said about Dan Lambert the better. We don’t need to give him any special attention.

Added: CM Punk, Dan Lambert, Daniel Garcia/Matt Lee/Jeff Parker, Kiera Hogan, Mark Henry, Kiera Hogan, Jamie Hayter, Kayla Rossi & Lulu Pencil

Removed: Renee Michelle & D3

Why the sudden increase in talent? You tell me. Adding Rampage is only another hour, so I’m not sure why AEW keeps signing when it’s clear they aren’t using half the roster on that show or Dynamite. Maybe you can clue us in to why?

October (160)

AEW Roster AEW Roster AEW RosterAEW RosterAEW Roster

Another huge batch of signings, only a month after CM Punk shocked the world. Bryan Danielson is here. Adam Cole is here, baybay! Ruby Soho is at home. Even Lio Rush is back and looking to stay. AEW picked up on former NXT & 205 Live talents, like Tiger (Arturo) Ruas, Curt Stallion and August Grey.

This is the single biggest example of AEW picking up superstars who WWE doesn’t want. Is it a good thing? Are they doing this just to evaluate how good some of the lesser superstars can be for them? Either way, reaching the 160 mark is a little worrying. Some wrestlers have got to be wondering… I’m lost in the mix here, but at least I can work on the independents.

Added: Adam Cole, Bryan Danielson, Ruby Soho, Tiger Ruas, Anthony Greene, LSG, Lee Moriarty, Lio Rush, Santana Garrett & Stallion Rogers

November (164)

AEW Roster AEW Roster

The month isn’t over yet, but how great is it to see Jay Lethal? Not long after ROH announced it would close its doors to focus on revamping its product and procedures, it left the roster out of work. Like I said before, leaving Jay Lethal on the sidelines would be criminal. He is a supremely talented wrestler, along with having the charisma to back it up. After he’s earned it, Lethal deserves much success on TNT.

Then we have Bobby Fish, who we know is getting old, but he’s a good hand to teach some of the younger talent. The relationship with Adam Cole, as former members of NXT’s Undisputed Era, guarantees he will always be in the mix, even if he’s not wrestling. Then there’s Tony Nese, former WWE Cruiserweight Champion. I’ve always been a fan, but I wonder if AEW can make him more of a character. Ariya Daivari is reliable, much like Fish, but I can’t imagine him getting any further than he is.

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