AEW Wish List for the Remainder of 2021


Last week, I dove into the middle of the year wish list for WWE of what I’d like to see happen in the remainder of 2021. Piggybacking off that, it’s time to focus our attention on All Elite Wrestling with the AEW wish list!

Just as before, this is not a “predictions” list of what I think will happen. Rather, it’s a breakdown of things I am hoping will happen. The objective in mind is to toss out your ideas of where you’d like to see AEW go for the rest of the year with certain characters, championships and the company as a whole. Then, by the time 2021 wraps up, we can look back on our thoughts and ponder if we were pleasantly surprised with some better things, or if we’re disappointed our ideas didn’t come to fruition.

With that in mind, let’s get into it!

Page Beats Omega at All Out (or Full Gear)

The most logical next champion after Kenny Omega is absolutely Hangman Adam Page. I don’t care who signs with AEW in the meantime. This is who I want to beat Omega.

Theoretically, let’s say AEW is able to snag Daniel Bryan or work a deal to get Kazuchika Okada for a match or something. I can see why they’d want to do that for All Out. But I think Omega has to retain and then drop it to Page at Full Gear.

Ideally, though, things would come full circle to All Out and that’s where Page will capture the title he failed to win when he fought Chris Jericho at the first event. Not only is he the rightful top challenger once we get past Jungle Boy, but his friendship with Omega is the best storyline and Page is one of the most beloved on the roster.

It makes way too much sense to do anything else.

Future TNT Champion Options

Miro shouldn’t hold that belt for the rest of 2021. Who he drops it to, though, is kind of up in the air. I have a list of about 10 names I’d be game to see as the next TNT champion, including: Jungle Boy, Sammy Guevara, Scorpio Sky, Andrade El Idolo, PAC, Ricky Starks, Shawn Spears and Orange Cassidy.

Quite literally, give me any of them as champion and I’ll be down for it. I want to see all of them hold that title somewhere down the line.

My go-to pick right at this moment would be Jungle Boy, following his inevitable loss to Omega for the world title. Maybe JB could win it at All Out or on a special episode of Dynamite around October.

Andrade Ditches Vickie Guerrero for Thea Trinidad

“But that’s just going back to what he did in WWE!” – Yeah. I know. You see, I liked that pairing of Andrade and Zelina Vega and I happen to think that’s a much better option than what we’re going to get with Vickie Guerrero.

Vickie’s good for her role, but I don’t think she’s a great manager anymore. To me, she had one good run and a decent follow-up with Dolph Ziggler, but since then, she’s not doing it for me. I don’t think she’s been beneficial to Nyla Rose and I can’t imagine she’s going to be cutting the best promos to mask Andrade’s language barrier.

Trinidad not only has a comfortable relationship with Andrade, she also has a proven track record of chemistry. Plus, that would mean she’d join the roster. I think the women’s division could GREATLY benefit from her services and she’d be a huge asset and a natural fit.

On top of that, it would allow for a much smoother ability for her husband, Tommy End/Aleister Black, to join AEW as well. Since we know he’s out of WWE and even if he were to re-sign, it’s doubtful he’d have the same career path he’d have if he were in the AEW environment, I think this is best for all parties.

Other Additions to the Roster

Speaking of those two joining the team, I’d love to see some others join the ranks.

Sign The Varsity Blonds and Julia Hart to official contracts, if they haven’t already. The same goes for some of the regulars we see all the time, like The Wingmen, KiLynn King, Madi Wrenkowski, Fuego Del Sol and Tesha Price, among a few others. Not all need/deserve to be signed, but I think at least a handful do.

Pick up Billie Kay and Peyton Royce. Also, potentially pick up Chelsea Green, if she’s not just going to Impact.

Notice I didn’t say Braun Strowman, Buddy Murphy, Bo Dallas, Mojo Rawley or some others. I don’t think AEW should just sign everyone and there are some people I feel would be better fits in other companies (or, in Strowman’s case, doing some acting and other work before re-signing with WWE in another year or two).

Sting Teams With and Faces Cody Rhodes

Maybe it’s too early and there isn’t a natural transition to it, but when Sting first signed with AEW, I just assumed the most logical course for him was to face Cody Rhodes at All Out. That feels like the biggest match you could put on that would make the most sense and be the most emotional.

I’m still of the camp that should happen, but I’m okay with it not taking place until after 2021. Maybe it should be Sting’s retirement match when he’s finally ready to hang up the boots for good.

Still, in some fashion, I’d like to see Sting and Rhodes together. I think a worthwhile compensation is to see them team up and to tie into a Four Horsemen type of feud with The Pinnacle.

Don’t ask me how to get there or the specifics, but since we never got Cody being the head of this new Four Horsemen-esque group, I just feel like he’s the natural opposition and Sting should be on his side. You’ve got Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard, so let’s do it. Maybe it’s MJF, Wardlow, Spears and FTR with Tully against Rhodes, Sting, Darby Allin, Kazarian and Christopher Daniels (part of Fortune; just ignore the whole “Daniels might be retired thing” or replace him with someone else) with Arn. I’m cool with booking that for All Out, aren’t you?

Legends vs The Pinnacle

Paul Wight, Christian Cage, Mark Henry, Sting (although I wouldn’t necessarily lump him in here based on the previous section) and even Matt Hardy, Billy Gunn and possibly others are all part of the old regime. At some point, The Pinnacle should take exception to them being around and want to take them out.

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