AJ Lee’s mismanaged Career


AJ Lee was a mismanaged wrestler for WWE. When she first came skipping to the ring, I thought here was an athletic girl who seemed bubbly and seemed like a spark plug. She was new to the company and she was where she belonged, a jobber. When you start off in wrestling, you should begin as a jobber. Where the WWE screwed up was when they made her a psycho slut.

It reminded me a lot of the Mickie James psycho gimmick, I did not believe it, seemed too phony and manipulated by the WWE, telling her who to be instead of letting her be who she was. Wrestling is supposed to be who those people really are but with the dial cranked all the way up. Vince Mcmahon needs to realize more of what pro wrestling is.

To Mcmahon, a wrestling company is a big reality show. I love the idea of wrestling gimmicks. If done well, gimmicks are great, but it has got to feel right on the character. They have to make you believe it. If one is astute enough, they could tell AJ Lee did not believe in what she was doing and as a result, I as an audience member never bought into it either.

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