AJ Styles Done With TNA, Headed To ROH


Well, here’s the latest. According to recent reports, negotiations between AJ Styles and TNA Wrestling have once again fallen apart. The reports claim that Styles will now no longer be returning to the company.

Just a few days ago the news broke that despite negotiations falling flat in the recent past, that talks between Styles and TNA had picked up and that he was on his way back to the company. Styles’ representative Bill Behrens reportedly informed independent pro wrestling promoters to get their deposits in ASAP if they wanted to book Styles, as he was likely going to end up back in TNA and unavailable to take outside bookings.

Furthermore, the dollar amount that Styles and TNA agreed to was even printed. While unconfirmed, reports claimed that Styles, who was asking for somewhere in the neighborhood of $350,000 per year guaranteed, had finally received the amount from TNA that he was seeking.

Well, that’s all done. Or is it? What are the chances this is a work? In my opinion, very little. Early feedback on my Facebook page and several other outlets has fans assuming this is all a work to disguise the inevitable TNA return of “The Phenomenal One.” I don’t think so.

I’ve been saying it for months now. Long before the TNA sale rumors started. There are some major, major changes taking places inside the company right now. This became clear when they decided to let Hulk Hogan go. When they decided to let Eric Bischoff go. Jeff Jarrett reigns from the company he created out of the blue. They stop going on the road. They cut back the number of live events they produce. Too many changes to count.

There have been rumors for a while now that TNA is up for sale and seeking buyers, however they only seem to want to sell partial ownership, and retain a majority ownership stake in the company. Regardless, something big is brewing in TNA, and it doesn’t seem to be a positive thing.

In my opinion, Viacom is going to decide whether or not they want to buy the company to retain the television programming for Spike TV. If they decide they want to, TNA has a future. If they decide they don’t, TNA’s future doesn’t appear to be too bright. In fact, it could be almost non-existent. Without a television outlet, if history has proven anything, it’s that a major wrestling company, in this day and age, needs television to survive.

Speaking of television, AJ Styles will be returning to his roots, as he’s confirmed to appear at the January 4th Ring Of Honor television tapings in Nashville, Tennessee. “The Phenomenal One” is coming home.

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