​Alex Frekey Reveals Why He Thinks He Was Eliminated So Early From WWE Tough Enough, & More


In an interview with Sporting News, eliminated Tough Enough contestant Alex Frekey about why he thinks he was eliminated from the competition. Here are highlights:

On what hurt him on the show: “I think there was two things. One being my lack of, I don’t want to say lack of, but my cardio wasn’t up to speed. Me being a bodybuilder, I don’t run a lot. A few weeks before I came to the show I trie dot train for it and got as much endurance as possible. Secondly would have to be my choice of words were misconstrued or maybe I didn’t explain myself good enough. Probably those two things.”

On his comment about not needing knowledge of the wrestling industry: “Yeah. Unfortunately, it was cut out — my explanation to Patrick. I meant to say that Michael Jordan didn’t need to know the history of the NBA to shoot a jump shot. That’s what I meant. You don’t have to know the history of something to be good at it. When I was a kid, I didn’t really know about a lot of players in the NBA. I just knew the best ones but I did know how to train and how to prepare the right way because I was good at basketball and other sports but my knowledge of those sports was kind of lacking. It didn’t make me a bad player if that makes any sense.”

On what’s next for him: “I have some options. I will probably get back into the industry I’ve been working in which wouldn’t be difficult for me to do but I would really love to make a career in the WWE. I really fell in love with it being around the Performance Center, feeling the energy and the camaraderie. I love athletics so it was like me being back in college basketball. The competition aspect, striving to be the best and entertaining people. I really fell in love with it.”

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