All 58 Holders Of The WWE 24/7 Championship In Pictures


24/7 Championship

#32. Mike Rome – 1 time, less than 1 day

During a WWE live event, Mike Rome rolled up Samir Singh to claim the title. Sunil Singh then rolled him up to bring it back to The Bollywood Boyz. This made him the first WWE ring announcer to become champion.


#33. Mojo Rawley – 7 times, 28 days

Mojo Rawley promised a new direction for the WWE 24/7 Championship. He wanted to be taken seriously by bringing prestige to the title, but this didn’t happen.

24/7 Championship

#34. Riddick Moss – 1 time, 41 days

#35. Rob Gronkowski – 1 time, 67 days

When he claimed the title at WrestleMania 36, he was a retired NFL star. Less than a month later, the New England Patriots (who still owned his rights) traded him to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Because of this, he no longer had the time to commit to WWE. He kept the title for over two months, before dropping it to R-Truth in his backyard. Due to his absence, he became by far the longest reigning champion for an outsider, and fifth overall in the all time list.

24/7 Championship

#36. Shelton Benjamin – 3 times, 25 days

Like Mojo Rawley before him, he promised change for the WWE 24/7 Championship. It didn’t happen.

#37. Drew Gulak – 7 times, 7 days

24/7 Championship

#38. Erik – 1 time, less than 1 day

#39. Tucker – 2 times, less than 1 day

He holds the record for the shortest single reign in title history, lasting a measly 4 seconds.

24/7 Championship

#40. Gran Metalik – 1 time, less than 1 day

#41. Lince Dorado – 1 time, less than 1 day

Lince Dorado was the last new champion crowned on an episode of Raw that set a new record of 10 title changes. This turned out to be the all-time record. Like the Raw reunion, it began with R-Truth. From there, it went to Akira Tozawa, Erik, Drew Gulak, Tucker, Drew Gulak again, Tucker again, Gran Metalik, and then Lince Dorado (who pinned his friend), before returning to R-Truth.

24/7 Championship

#42. The Gobbledy Gooker – 1 time, less than 1 day

WWE counts The Gobbledy Gooker as its own character, but it was actually Drew Gulak in the suit. It took place during the Survivor Series Kick Off by the panelist table. Later in the night, Akira Tozawa caught him backstage.

#43. Angel Garza – 1 time, 4 days

Garza pinned R-Truth on New Year’s Eve during a party streamed live on TikTok. Truth got it back on Raw Legends night.

24/7 Championship

#44. Alicia Fox – 1 time, less than 1 day

R-Truth and chasers interrupted the women’s Royal Rumble match, and Alicia Fox pinned Truth amid the chaos. After being eliminated from the Rumble, Truth stole it back.

#45. Peter Rosenberg – 1 time, 1 day

He pinned R-Truth by the panelist table during the Royal Rumble event. A day later, Truth surprised him in his hotel room during a live remote broadcast of The Michael Kay show.

24/7 Championship

#46. Doug Flutie – 1 time, less than 1 day

Former NFL star Doug Flutie pinned R-Truth during halftime at Clearwater Beach. Truth took it back when the game got underway again.

#47. Bad Bunny – 1 time, 28 days

He is a famous Mexican rapper & singer. Bad Bunny pinned Akira Tozawa and became the youngest champion in title history (26 years, 342 days). A month later, he relinquished the title to R-Truth in exchange for Stone Cold Steve Austin merchandise.

24/7 Championship

#48. Joseph Average – 2 times, less than 1 day

Before he became known as Rick Boogs, he worked in NXT, and then as Joseph Average for a short time. He pinned R-Truth in an Old Spice commercial that aired during the Fastlane 2021 event.

#49. Reggie – 4 times, 133 days

Originally called Reginald, and later Reggie, he became known as the most elusive WWE 24/7 Champion. He was so athletic that he evaded his chasers to rack up a record single reign of 112 days. Reggie is the third longest reigning champion in title history. His character’s downfall is likely linked to his deep feelings for Dana Brooke.

24/7 Championship

#50. Corey Graves – 1 time, less than 1 day

He became the first WWE commentator to claim the WWE 24/7 Championship.

#51. Byron Saxton – 1 time, less than 1 day

24/7 Championship

#52. Dana Brooke – 15 times, 336 days

Dana Brooke is the second longest reigning WWE 24/7 Champion of all time. She’s also the last to be pinned for the title. After Triple H took over as the head of creative, the title was rarely seen on television. Brooke hinted at WWE possibly changing its name and making it a secondary title for the women’s division, but it never happened.

#53. Nikki A.S.H (Cross) – 11 times, less than 1 day

Nikki holds a unique record of having the most title reigns despite holding it for less than a day. Also, she is the last superstar to hold the WWE 24/7 Championship, before failing to dump the belt in the trash. WWE officially deactivated the title two days later.

24/7 Championship

#54. Doudrop – 2 times, less than 1 day

#55. Alexa Bliss – 1 time, less than 1 day

Alexa Bliss holds the record for being the lightest champion (102 lb (46 kg)). Also, this title victory meant that she became the first woman to claim every available title on WWE’s main roster.

24/7 Championship

#56. Shawn Bennett – 1 time, less than 1 day

From August to November 2022, the WWE 24/7 Championship only changed hands during live events. Shawn Bennett was the first referee to claim the title after rolling up Nikki A.S.H in London, Ontario, Canada. Tamina took it from him.

#57. Eddie Orengo – 1 time, less than 1 day

In September, Eddie Orengo pinned Nikki A.S.H at a live event in Colorado Springs. Tamina again took it from the referee.

24/7 Championship

#58. Daphanie LaShaunn – 1 time, less than 1 day

Two weeks after Eddie Orengo, Daphanie rolled up Nikki A.S.H to become the first female referee to claim the title in Vancouver, Canada. Shawn Bennett counted the pin. He then betrayed her by counting his own pin, but she kicked out. Nikki A.S.H did what she couldn’t before and took back her title from the referee. Daphanie LeShaunn will go down in history as the last new title holder of the 24/7 Championship.

Now that we have been through the list, who was your favorite superstar to claim the 24/7 Championship? Or do you believe it was all a grand waste of time? Do you think the title had enough moments to warrant its existence? Please let us know in the comments, and as always, thank you for reading!

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