An Early Preview For Tonight’s WWE Monday Night RAW Broadcast Inside Here


UPDATE: Here is the five point preview for tonight’s edition of Monday Night RAW, courtesy of

* What will the fallout be from Lesnar’s chaos?
* Can Rollins survive Monday Night Raw?
* Has Cena sparked an international incident?
* Is Funk ‘rolling’ her way to a Divas Title Match?
* A Celtic fire threatens to burn down the Intercontinental Title picture.

ORIGINAL:’s RAW preview is teasing a match on Monday between Sheamus and Daniel Bryan for the WWE Intercontinental Title.

This comes after recent reports suggested a four-way between Sheamus, Bryan, Bad News Barrett and Dolph Ziggler for the title at Extreme Rules. It’s rumored that each man will receive a shot at Daniel Bryan’s IC title on the RAW TV broadcasts leading into Extreme Rules, culminating in a match with all four at the pay-per-view. Basically, expect to see Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus (likely tomorrow night), Daniel Bryan vs. Bad News Barrett and Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler in IC title matches on RAW over the next few weeks.

Also on RAW, John Cena is expected to issue another “Open Challenge” for his United States title.

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