An iPad Mini Case vs. Drunken Bribery


The situation surrounding Tenille Dashwood, the “Diva” in WWE known as Emma, has been the subject of a lot of discussion within the industry the past few days.

On Monday, prior to RAW in Hartford, Connecticut, Emma was arrested for shop-lifting at a local Wal-Mart. The item was said to be an iPad case.

Following her arrest, the announcement was made by WWE that she had been released from the company, as they posted the generic “future endeavors” statement on their official website. That statement reads as follows:

“WWE has come to terms on the release of WWE Diva Emma as of today, July 2, 2014. WWE wishes Emma the best in all her future endeavors.”

Just hours later, in a strange twist, WWE posted this announcement on their official website:

“Upon further evaluation, WWE has reinstated Tenille Dashwood (WWE Diva Emma) but will take appropriate punitive action for her violation of the law.”

According to reports, the move was made because the company did not want to set a precedent where a violation such as shoplifting results in termination.

WWE has had far force examples in the past, such as Cameron of The Funkadactyls and Total Divas fame, who was arrested on DUI and allegedly tried to bribe an officer with $10,000 to let her off the hook. Furthermore, she didn’t even tell WWE about it, as they only found out when it became a story in the gossip media.

In my opinion, the Cameron example should probably warrant a termination from the company. Termination for an offense such a shoplifting, especially considering the item and the fact that she paid for her other items, seems a bit extreme. It would seem to be more embarrassing than anything else to have gotten caught for something so stupid.

Drunk-driving and bribing officers is in a whole other league.

At the end of the day, I’m not sure how much this story matters, or how big of a deal it will be in hindsight. Emma will go back to doing her goofy dancing gimmick alongside comedy mid-carder Santino Marella, in a division where at best you’re taken half-way serious even if you’re stellar.

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