Analyzing New Rumored WMXXX Matches (Pt. 2)


Recently on the newsboard, some news was broke regarding WWE’s latest rumored matches for the WrestleMania XXX event in April of 2014. Many of these potential matches have garnered a mixed reaction online. Today, we will continue our look at the rumored matches, as we break down the Triple H vs. CM Punk bout. Make sure to check out eWrestlingNews throughout the weekend as we will look at additional matches rumored for the biggest annual event in WWE.


Triple H vs. CM Punk

According to the reports, The Authority storyline, which has been one of the key focal points of WWE programming over the last several months, is set to culminate at WrestleMania XXX in April in a match between Triple H and CM Punk.

Originally, the plans called for a drastically different route. At one point there was talk of WWE Hall Of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin returning, Vince McMahon’s involvement and many other rumors. Now, it seems as though “The Game” and “The Best In The World” will have to do, as Austin has made it clear that he’s not returning for a match. At least not at WrestleMania XXX.

While the reports don’t specify whether or not the plans still call for a return of the “Mr. McMahon” character, one would assume that he would get involved at some point between now and WrestleMania. That is not confirmed by any means, but when the idea for The Authority storyline began, the seeds were actually planted while McMahon was still an active character, and while the Triple H “authority figure” character was still taking shape.

As far as the match itself is concerned, I can’t picture a bad Hunter and Punk program. The match quality should be tremendous, and obviously anything Triple H is involved with will be given a fair amount of attention, to say the least.

When CM Punk verbally goes after an authority figure, especially Triple H, his “pipe bomb” style of promos truly shines. Nothing pops a crowd, or a hardcore wrestling fan, more than Punk bringing up real-life situations and “shooting” while cutting promos in WWE. His original “pipe bomb” was at first considered by many to be a shoot promo, and is the promo that technically put Punk on the map as a main event player in WWE.

Are there better ways to go? Sure. Is Triple H vs. CM Punk a let down? I don’t believe so. As noted, the promos should be great, the match should be excellent. It will likely have a little bit of everything in it. There are certainly worse ways to go, so the fact that WWE is planning on making Punk the guy to finally “stand up to The Authority” really showcases the fact that he is the modern version of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. The rebellious figure who defies authority on a regular basis.

I like it.

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