Analyzing The Odds for Each of the MITB World Title Match Participants


Ah, money. The root of all evil. It drives some people mad with power. But for certain WWE wrestlers, a certain briefcase at a certain PPV has driven wrestlers to risk their health and their career for just one shot. For every year since 2005, a group of wrestlers have been awarded the chance to guarantee themselves a world title shot at any time of their choosing. Should the cash-in be successful, hopefully John Cena and Damien Sandow does not come across this article, they would become champion. Yet, never before in the history of WWE has their been a Money In The Bank ladder match for the WWE Title, an impromptu match made at the expense of Daniel Bryan’s neck injury. This year’s participants feature four people who have won both the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships in the past (Del Rio, Orton, Cena, Sheamus) and three relative upstarts (Reigns, Wyatt, Cesaro). Now I don’t know about most of the rest of the IWC, but I have to say this may very well be the most anticipated ladder match in WWE history, and this is because of the balance of the WWE elite and those just scratching the surface. That being said, allow me to analyze the realistic chances for each participant in this match and the likelihood they will lay claim to becoming the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion.


The last time Sheamus was seen holding a World Title was when he was starring in cheesy Brogue Kick commercials and engaging in amateur comedy warfare on live television. In reality though, it was at the 2012 version of Hell In A Cell, when he succumbed to the wrath of the Big Slow (not a typo) in what was actually a match of the year candidate. Since then, Sheamus has been in a search for relevancy and he may have found it when he won the United States title in an over-the-top rope battle royal on the RAW after Extreme Rules this year. Now if I am correct I have been reading “reports” from many sources online that WWE has been planning a heel turn for Sheamus since he won the US Title, and how long has that been now? The only scenario I see Sheamus winning the title is if an immediate heel turn takes palce right after and engages in a feud with Daniel Bryan after. Holding the United States title and both world titles could be similar to his character in the WWE ’12 storyline for Sheamus when he won all the titles as a snotty heel. I would be entertained, but if only that were likely. Chances are looking rather slim for the Celtic Warrior.

Odds: 15%

Roman Reigns:

Roman Reings has been pushed to the moon and back, getting all the pins in matches, having the camera close up on his glare to his opponent preparing for an impending spear and getting the hot tag in matches. Surprisingly he is being considered a favorite for this match. And i say “surprisingly” without hesitation. I like Reings, I really do. But let’s do ourselves a favor and hand out a memo to our brain cells. Reigns is not a polished wrestler, at least not from what we have seen. What does his moveset comprise of? A suplex here, Samoan Drop there, a few Kane-like uppercuts in the corner, a jumping clothesline, shoulder blocks, that karate kick to his groggy opponent lad out in pre-619 bottom rope style, a “Superman punch” and finally culminating in the Spear. Reigns has the look of the next Batista, but presently has the moveset comparable to The Great Khali. Okay, that’s a tad too far. But you get the idea. Once Reings gets more single match exposure, then we can talk about World Titles. But this is far too early in his career for him to win. Unless WWE is apparently sold on Reigns and is prepared to put him in a singles match with Brock Lesnar, I can’t see Reigns winning. But with the way Reigns is being advertised on TV, and always calling out Triple H, a possible storyline may be in the works. Don’t expect me to place an arm and a leg for it though.

Odds: 35%

Alberto Del Rio

Much like Sheamus, ADR has been in a search for relevancy after his brief feud with Batista this year. Now Del Rio is in the upper enchalant of mat wrestlers, and to be honest, his inclusion in the match was kind of surprising, but I came back to Earth when I found out that Dolph Ziggler was his opponent in the qualifying match. To be honest, Del Rio winning would be the biggest swerve in this match up. Why? Because nobody simply cares for him the way they care about anyone else. Little kids and females adore John Cena for his superhero posture and body structure respectively, but modern day fans hate him for his repetitiveness and oft goofy demeanor. Some people admire Orton for his sadistic nature, but others hate him because he is a prick. Some people love Sheamus because of his brawling, but others hate him because he is an infallible superhero. People love Cesaro because of his ability to put on a good match and display feats of strength with relative ease and some people hate him because, um, I’ll get back on that. Bray Wyatt is adored for his ability to engage the crowd in song, but his heel character causes some naysayers to rise. Sure its one to dislike somebody, but once you get out of the heel character, and look into their habits week after week, fans throw in the towel. Del Rio is like a book that has a good cover, bu once you get past that and start reading, you will only find empty pages, perhaps one for the references. That’s the sphere that Del Rio is trapped in right now. Would fans care if he won the title? Does that increase his importance in any way? This is no slight to him, well maybe it is, but his in ring ability can not be taken for granted. I mean, do you hear those kicks to the face? That’s some force! I honestly believe WWE management put him in this match for no other fact that they needed a big name, and by big name, I mean a man who has won both titles in the past. Unless WWE has some new found respect for his ring prowess and wants to give him one last hoorah, then I won’t be surprised. I don’t have much faith in swerves happening in WWE, but Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes were expected to win the ladder match last year and what happened?

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