Apollo Crews Explains How He Will Be NXT’s Most Complete Star


WWE NXT Superstar Apollo Crews recently spoke with WWE.com about trying to be NXT’s most complete Superstar and fans having high expectations for him while in NXT. Here are the highlights.

On trying to be NXT’s most complete Superstar:

“I often get told by many they’ve never seen a guy who can do what I do in the ring. I want to be to the complete package by having all angles and aspects covered. I don’t want to do all things well — I want everything I do to be great. Some people like to settle for less, I always have to strive and keep pushing for more.”

On fans having high expectations for him while in NXT:

“All I can do is go out there and give everything I have. My mom watched me at Takeover: Brooklyn and said she was amazed, and it was only the second time she’s seen me wrestle. My dad very frequently lets me know how proud he is, and extended family in Nigeria, that I don’t even know or have met, have also reached out and expressed how proud they are. My kid sister, who isn’t even a fan of wrestling, watched me. The NXT fans have shown me nothing but love, too. I appreciate all the support, and it makes me push that much harder.”

You can read the entire interview here.

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