Are Bringing Back Part-Timers A Bad Thing?


Hi everyone, this is the first time I will be doing a Editorial. For those who regularly are on the forums, you may know me by the user of ‘deadly56’.

We are currently in that certain season again; Wrestlemania season! These are the times where weeks into Wrestlemania we witness great story-lines development between Superstars ,which will contribute in making better Raws and Smackdowns than we would normally watch. We also seem to have the return of old faces, which defiantly have a contribution to the biggest stage of them all (Wrestlemania). These old faces could include managers, wrestlers…etc. But for this article; I mean specifically past wrestlers who return from a long period of absence to have major roles in WWE once again. The simple question from this article is ‘Are Bringing Back Part-Timers A Bad Thing?’

Right now, I know we all know the reasons for CM Punks departure. One of the reasons why he left was due to Batista returning to the WWE, from a four years absence, to main event Wrestlemania. CM Punk was angry due to him feeling Batista never earned the right to main event Wrestlemania and other superstars like himself should have that right. I agree what CM Punk has to say, even though, I feel he shouldn’t have left due to that being one of his reasons. But, the fact of the matter is Punk and a lot of superstars do work yearly for WWE, so I see why Punk feels he should be awarded by having the spot which Batista has. But, many people should understand if CM Punks reasons for main eventing Wrestlemania is him working for WWE yearly, than shouldn’t the rest of the locker room that work as hard as Punk be maineventing too? What about the people who work even harder than Punk for WWE? My answer is you can’t have every wrestler maineventing WWE most important PPV(Pay Per View) of the year as a result of working the hardest. As odd as that may sound, it varys to how much a superstar connects to the audience and how much the audience is willing to watch that particular superstar, win or lose.

In all honesty, does it matter if part-times steal the spotlight for a temporary time? Does it matter If the particular part-timer is only returning to the WWE for money? Does it matter if the part-timer doesn’t care as much for the business than current superstars? Unless it effects their performance, so for all of those questions my answer is no. What does matter is, will this particular part timer generate a lot of money for WWE? Will this part-timer make people interested in what their doing? Will this part-timers return be meaningful? For all those questions my answer is yes!

The whole point of a part-timers return to the WWE is to make more people watch the WWE (usually casual fans) and in doing this WWE will get more money. I can assure you if superstars like CM Punk had very good drawing power he would main event Wrestlemania or if superstars like Zack Ryder, Tyson Kid had good drawing power and attracted people to watch PPVs they would also be main eventing PPVs on a regular basis. But, the truth is they don’t. This is why we get past superstars like The Rock, Brock Lesnar and Batista coming back to the WWE, it’s because they attract a larger range of people to watch them wrestler on Pay Per Views.

In conclusion, the WWE have to appeal to the largest part of their fan base the most, that consists of people who enjoy old faces and are willing to pay to see them more than some of our current superstars. From a business standpoint that makes sense, you need to please the specific group of people who watch your product the most because if you don’t you may lose the biggest proportion of people who pay for your product. And in the words of Triple H: ‘bad for business’.

Thanks for reading, what do you have to say about this topic?

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