Are Wrestling Magazines A Dying Breed?


With news that WWE Magazine will be ceasing publication after 31 years as well as news that UK’s top wrestling magazine Power Slam would also be stopping production, brings me to the point that the once-profitable print magazine industry may very well be extinct by the end of this decade.

Don’t believe me, than look no further than this article. According to former Naspers CEO Koos Bekker, he said that print media will be extinct in the next twenty years. Today, we live in the digital age where IPads, Blackberrys, and Tablets are becoming “en vogue.”

I remember getting my very first issue of WWE Magazine with the September 2010 issue. My favorite article was the “Jerk of the Month” articles which featured a different heel every month. I since have a bunch of WWE Magazines, WWE Kids Magazines, and WWE Magazine Special Editions.

But let’s face it. Now that we’re living in the digital world, we now have sites like EWrestlingNews to keep us informed nowadays, making WWE Magazine, Power Slam, and Pro Wrestling Illustrated obsolete in everyone’s eyes.

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