Awarding Belts to WWE Superstars Who Never Won Any Championship – Courtesy Title


Luna Vachon was easily the most interesting female star the company had for years and she made for a great foil to Blayze’s bland babyface character. Give me Luna over Bertha Faye or Bull Nakano when talking about that time in WWF.

Gangrel = Hardcore or Tag Team Title

This dude never won the Hardcore Championship?! Not even for a few seconds? That’s insane. He definitely should have, given his gimmick.

I’d argue he should have been part of a Freebird Rule scenario with the tag titles and The Brood, too. In my mind, any time someone’s part of a faction like that, it should be somewhat recognized that all the members are tag team champions, unless otherwise stated. That wasn’t the case back then, nor is it always the case now, though, so I understand that.

But c’mon now with that hardcore title situation. That just baffles me.

Brian Pillman = IC, Hardcore or Tag Team Title

If he could have been around for the Hardcore Championship, boy would he have made a great choice for that, right?

Without that in mind, the go-to options are intercontinental and tag team.

Intercontinental would have made sense if he could have beaten Steve Austin or just stepped in and won the title in any other generic sense. Tag team, I’d think, would probably be alongside Jim Neidhart while Owen had the IC, Bulldog had the European and Bret had the world title, in theory.

Jerry “The King” Lawler = World or IC Title

In part 1, I argued that Lawler should have beaten Bret to win the WWF Championship instead of Bob Backlund. Agree with that or not, I think that’s the one and only time he could have won that title.

Other than that, the Intercontinental Championship should have been within his grasp for those first few years, at the very least. I could see Lawler maybe even sneaking a victory for a very short transitional reign with the belt toward the mid-2000s range, too, just to upset the status quo. Imagine him beating a Dolph Ziggler type to win it, just to lose the title a week or so in the future, kind of like Bret beating The Miz for the United States Championship. I don’t think I would have been too upset about that.

Still, it’s the world title scenario I’m more firmly behind.

Honorable Mentions

Jimmy Snuka, Torrie Wilson, King Kong Bundy, Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff, Jesse Ventura, and Doink the Clown were all on my list, but I couldn’t think of any particular title or time frame I felt was worth arguing about. Obviously, Torrie Wilson’s Divas Championship situation is self-explanatory, but did she ever really deserve to win it? Would Paul Orndorff really had made that great of an intercontinental champion more so than what we already got? Who would Jesse Ventura have beaten to be the world champion in his era? Still worth thinking about, but I didn’t feel as strongly about these superstars as the others above on this list.

Do you think these superstars deserved to have won titles during their careers? What other wrestlers should be on this list? Are there any particular championships you would award them? Keep the discussion going by leaving a comment below!

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